World of Warcraft Troll Starting Area Quests: "The Rise of the Darkspear" and "The Basics: Hitting Things"

World of Warcraft Troll Starting Area Quests: "The Rise of the Darkspear" and "The Basics: Hitting Things"
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One of the coolest new features of the post-Cataclysm world of Azeroth is completely new starting areas for both the Troll and Gnome races in World of Warcraft. These all-new introductory experiences provide a perfect opportunity to try out some of the new race/class combinations also introduced just prior to the expansion.

So, for those of you who have chosen to roll a new Troll character, we present our series of guides covering the quests in the newly-reclaimed Darkspear starting area.

“The Rise of the Darkspear”

After you’ve finished creating your new Troll, the first order of business is to watch the introductory cinematic detailing the history of the Darkspear and the Horde, and the effects the recent change in leadership have had on their alliance. As the camera slowly zooms in on your level 1 character, you’ll find yourself standing on a beach near Jin’thala, your first quest giver.

First order of business: the “Rise of the Darkspear” quest, which simply asks you to report to your trainer. Follow the guide arrow East onto the main island and speak to your class’ respective trainer when you arrive at their location in the Darkspear Training Grounds.

Take a look around you as you make your way through the training grounds. This is no fly by night operation, the Darkspear Tribe are very serious about preparing their young Trolls.

“The Basics: Hitting Things”

Tiki Targets on Darkspear Isle

Once you reach your trainer, turn in the “The Rise of the Darkspear” tribe and take the follow up, “The Basics: Hitting Things.” Darkspear Tribe training starts out very slowly, apparently, and your first task is to simply take out six of the Tiki Targets you’ll find strewn about the area. These targets don’t hit back, so it’s a great opportunity to get familiar with the starting abilities of your new Troll.

Target one of the nearby Tiki Targets and move into melee range or strike from afar with a ranged attack. Take out all of its hitpoints (not hard when they only have 42) and move on to the next one. You should be able to take out an individual target fairly quickly, given that they don’t fight back too much.

Repeat the process until you’ve taken out a total of six, then head back to your trainer to turn in the quest. They’ll be impressed with your natural talents, but eager to help you smooth out the rough edges of your technique. Read their appraisal of your performance, then turn in the quest and pick up the follow up, “A Rough Start.”

For more guides covering all the quests in the new Troll starting area, be sure to check out the rest of the articles in this series.

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One of Cataclysm’s coolest new features is a completely new starting area for both the Troll and Gnome races. Our series of guides to the Troll quests will see you through from the birth of your new character to his or her first steps into the newly-revamped world of Azeroth.

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