World of Warcraft "A Rough Start" Troll Starting Area Quest Guide and Walkthrough

World of Warcraft "A Rough Start" Troll Starting Area Quest Guide and Walkthrough
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Following your introductions to both your trainer and the basics of combat in the “The Rise of the Darkspear” and the “The Basics: Hitting Things” quests, the next order of business is to complete the “A Rough Start” quest for your class trainer.

It seems the local Wildmane Cat population is decimating the local boars the Darkspear depend upon for their food. Your trainer has decided it a fair test of your abilities to ask you to take out six of these dangerous predators.

“A Rough Start”

You may have seen these yellow cats stalking around the island when you first made your way to your trainer’s location. They’re mostly level one, and non-aggressive. You can find them all over the island, but you have a very good chance of spotting them near the corpses of any boars you come across.

Your mission is simple, take out six of them and bring their Wildmane Cat Pelts back to your trainer to prove your success. You had a chance to try out some of your combat skills on a dummy in the previous mission, now is the time to use them on a target that actually fights back.

You should have at least one special ability available to you even at this low level. Make use of it and attack the local cats. Watch your hit points and be sure to take a moment to rest or heal up between targets if you get too low.

The cats will charge when you attack them, but just keep on the offensive and you should have little problem taking out their measly 42 hit points. Don’t forget to loot them after the kill. You have to bring back your Wildmane Cat Pelts to complete the quest, simply slaying them is not enough.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get acquainted with the maximum range of any special abilities your class may have. Hunters, for example, should get used to attacking from as long a range as possible, to give their pet a chance to intercept the charging cat.

Once you’ve got six pelts in your bag, head back to your trainer.

Pelt Trader

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When you return with the pelts, your trainer downplays the danger you faced, implying that it doesn’t take much skill to take down such low-level cats. Hand over your pelts to complete the quest and they’ll give you some copper, some experience, and the follow up quest, “Proving Pit.”

It’s time to take on a slightly more difficult foe, a Captured Spitescale Scout, in the pit. This next quest may prove a little more dangerous, but the reward, a green weapon, is certainly worth the risk.

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