World of Warcraft "Proving Pit" Troll Starting Area Quest Guide and Walkthrough

World of Warcraft "Proving Pit" Troll Starting Area Quest Guide and Walkthrough
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Now that you’ve proven your combat prowess by taking down a series of vicious Tiki Targets and a whole pack of starving kittens, your Troll trainer decides the time has come for you to take on a more difficult foe in the “Proving Pit” quest.

A Captive Spitescale Scout is your adversary for this challenge and while one Troll and one Hydra are going to enter the Proving Pit, only one is going to emerge alive. The rewards are well worth the risk, however. If you walk away from this challenge victorious, your trainer will hand over your first green weapon, imbued with magical power.

“Proving Pit”

You’ll find the Proving Pit at the center of the Darkspear Training Grounds. Nearby stands the Darkspear Jailor, and it’s him you’ll have to speak to to get started with the challenge.

Find him and let him know you’re ready to face your challenge. Only one Troll can take on the challenge of the pit at a time, so if someone’s already engaged you’ll have to wait until they’re finished. Take this opportunity to get a good look at your upcoming foe and his fighting style.

As soon as the pit is clear, speak to the Darkspear Jailor. Move down into the pit and watch as the Jailor walks to the nearby cage to release the Captive Spitescale Scout. The Hydra are sworn enemies of the Trolls, and your opponent’s rage is obvious as he taunts you before the battle begins.

The Captive Spitescale Scout is level 3, which may be slightly above you depending on how many extraneous cats and boars you killed during the last quest. He’s also non-aggressive, which means that despite his big talk, he’ll wait for you to initiate the combat. Make sure your hit points are full and attack him when you’re ready.

You should have little trouble with this adversary. He’ll charge at you and attack, but he is weaponless and should go down fairly quickly. Once he’s down, your trainer will express their approval of your performance and you’re free to head back to them for your reward.

Reward for a Job Well Done

Return to your Trainer After Completing the

Find your trainer and speak to them to turn in the “Proving Pit” quest. They’ll shower you with well-earned praise and hand over some copper, some experience, and your first green item as a reward. Equip your new item by right-clicking it in your bag or clicking it and placing it into the appropriate slot on your character sheet (press “C” to open it).

Your next quest is class-specific, and will require you to train in the new skill for which you just became eligible, then practice it on a nearby dummy. Sounds like easy money.

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