World of Warcraft "The New Plague" Quest Guide and Walkthrough

World of Warcraft "The New Plague" Quest Guide and Walkthrough
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The Royal Apothecary Society in Undercity has long endeavoured to create a new type of plague, one that will devour all types of flesh: living, undead, or otherwise. They had planned to use this powerful new weapon against the scourge of Northrend, placing it on a ship bound for Vengeance Landing, but a meddlesome Alliance destroyer had other ideas.

Now the Intact Plague Containers are scattered all over the coast, and Apothecary Lysander is in charge of recovering them. Rather than setting out to reclaim them himself, he’s instead been enlisting the assistance of adventurers fresh off the Zeppelin from Tirisfal Glades, and you fit the description perfectly.

Salvage may not be the job most members of the Horde envisioned themselves doing when they set out for the frozen North, but dirty jobs like this have to get done just as much as the more high-profile work.

World of Warcraft “The New Plague” Quest

First thing’s first: talk to Apothecary Lysander (Shakespeare fans should recognize the name). You’ll find him just inside the doorway of the tall building with Frankenstein-esque electrodes on the roof.

Lysander will tell you all about the plague the ship was carrying, and how it came to be destroyed just South of Vengeance Landing. Your job is to head out and recover 10 Intact Plague Containers.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Mount up and head South. You can see the wrecked Horde ship that is your destination from Vengeance Landing, so finding it shouldn’t bee too tough.

Underwater Recovery Operation

Intact Plague Container near Vengeance Landing

The Intact Plague Containers you’re searching for appear to be metal caskets with some sort of green liquid inside. They’re found scattered around the wreckage of the ship, many underwater.

Unfortunately, like most similar World of Warcraft quests, this is no simple retrieve and return mission. A group of North Fleet Salvagers from the Alliance have invaded the wreckage, and you’ll have to deal with them if you want to get to the Intact Plague Containers.

Cut a path through them to the wreckage and start looking for the sparkling green and silver containers. The ship’s hold seems to still hold quite a few, and the respawn rate on them in here is very good, so a trip below the waterline and into the wrecked ship may speed up your salvage process quite a bit. Just watch out for the Daggercap Hammerhead shark that hangs out in the area.

The Hammerhead will sneak up on you given the chance, so keep an eye out for him. Watch your breath meter, return to the surface when you need to breathe (or use any water-breathing spells or potions you may have), and you’ll have your 10 Intact Plague Containers before you know it.

Salvage complete, return to Lysander for 20k or so experience points, nearly five gold, and the follow-up quest “Spiking the Mix.”

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Apothecary Lysander is eager to recover the new plague sent from Undercity and refine it. Afterward, he’ll ask you to do a little testing on some unsuspecting Alliance reinforcements arriving by sea.

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