World of Warcraft "Spiking the Mix" Quest Guide and Walkthrough

World of Warcraft "Spiking the Mix" Quest Guide and Walkthrough
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Apothecary Lysander at Vengeance Landing in Howling Fjord is concerned that the long sea voyage is weakening the deadly plague developed by his counterparts back in the Undercity. He has a few ides for improving the toxicity, though, and asks you to help him gather a few raw materials.

Apparently the local crab population has a gland that produces a unique toxin, one that is strong enough to incapactiate a fully-grown ogre. Lysander wants you to kill these crabs and bring their Giant Toxin Glands back to him for study.

Battling giant toxic crabs? Just another day on the job for a member of the Horde, I guess. Grab some melted butter and get ready to feast on some crab.

“Spiking the Mix”

You’ll find Apothecary Lysander hanging out outside the giant lab in Vengeance Landing with the lightning rods on the roof. It’s pretty easy to spot. He’ll send you out this crab-killing errand after you’ve completed his first quest, “The New Plague.”

The object is simple: kill the local Giant Tidecrawlers, extract three of their Giant Toxin Glands, and return them to him. You’ll find the Giant Tidecrawlers all over the coast just to the East of Vengeance Landing. You’ll also find a large concentration of them just north of the settlement.

Taking on the Toxic Tidecrawlers

Giant Tidecrawler

Many of the Tidecrawlers will be found underwater. You’ll come across a few up on land but it’s definitely worth sticking your head beneath the waves to find even more of them. They are also non-aggressive, so you should be able to walk right up to them before attacking, if you choose.

The major danger in this area (besides the giant toxic crabs) is the Daggercap Hammerheads and Orcas that move around the area. They, unlike the Tidecrawlers, are aggressive and will attack you if you get too close. Keep an eye on your back while you’re fighting, and don’t be afraid to take out any Hammerheads or Orcas that venture too close, just as insurance against a future nasty surprise.

The drop rate on the Giant Toxin Glands is pretty good, and you should end up killing less than ten of the Giant Tidecrawlers before you have the three you need. Once you do, saddle up, dry off, and head back to Lysander.

Return to Lysander

You’ll find the Apothecary hanging out in the exact same spot. When you hand over the glands, he’ll express his hope that unlocking their secret will make the plague more potent. Or, if not, that it will at least weaken the victim enough to allow the less potent virus to take hold.

Working for the Forsaken is never boring, that’s for sure.

Once he’s done babbling he’ll hand over your reward, two and a half gold and 10k or so experience points. He’ll also give you the final quest in the chain and a chance to test the fruits of your labors.

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Apothecary Lysander is eager to recover the new plague sent from Undercity and refine it. Afterward, he’ll ask you to do a little testing on some unsuspecting Alliance reinforcements arriving by sea.

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