World of Warcraft "Test at Sea" Quest Guide and Walkthrough

World of Warcraft "Test at Sea" Quest Guide and Walkthrough
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Apothecary Lysander’s newly and improved plague formula is ready for a test run, largely thanks to your efforts in retrieving it and gathering ingredients to improve its potency. The timing for his latest batch reaching efficacy is convenient, as he’s also just received word of a new batch of Alliance reinforcements arriving by ship.

Its funny how the Alliance and Horde are supposedly working together in Northrend, but the Forsaken seem to be constantly doing things that would undermine that relationship. I wonder if that will have any impact on future quests?

Anyway, Lysander has a great idea for getting his deadly plague out to its intended targets. You’re to speak to a local bat handler and reign devastation upon them from above. Strap on your leather cap, you’re headed out to do a bombing run.

“Test at Sea”

You’ll find the Apothecary hanging out in the same place you found him for the previous two quests, “The New Plague” and “Spiking the Mix,” in the doorway of the giant electrified building in Vengeance Landing in Eastern Howling Fjord. He’ll hand you some Plague Vials and send you over to speak to Bat Handler Camille, who you’ll find just outside and to the right of the building.

Most players are familiar with bombing runs by this point, having first encountered them in Hellfire Peninsula. For the uninitiated, you’ll be placed upon a non-controllable flying mount that will take you near your intended targets, You’ll need to use the item in your inventory (Plague Vials, in this case), then click where you’d like to deliver the payload.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to switch to an unused hotbar and drag the Plague Vials to a hotkey. This way you can just mash the key when you want to drop a bomb, rather than having to click on the item in your backpack and then move back to the target area each time.

When you’re ready, speak to Camille.

“Death” from Above

Bat Handler Camille

The Alliance ships are at sea a ways South of Vengeance Landing. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see a group of ten or so ships flying golden sails appear in front of you. The bat moves fast, so make sure you have your targeting cursor up before he begins his descent.

The secret to finishing this quest on the first run is to deliver just one vial per ship. You can’t re-infect soldiers that already have the plague, so don’t waste a cooldown on a single enemy when you could be throwing a vial at an entirely new ship. Hit each ship in turn and you’ll have more than enough soldiers infected before the bat turns for home.

Return to Lysander once you land and he’ll reward you with some gold, 20k experience points, and a choice of equipment rewards. Hang out long enough and you’ll get to hear a hilarious report on the test from Apothecary Ravien.

Looks like Lysander still has a little work to do.

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Apothecary Lysander is eager to recover the new plague sent from Undercity and refine it. Afterward, he’ll ask you to do a little testing on some unsuspecting Alliance reinforcements arriving by sea.

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