Darnassus Reputation - Quests in Starbreeze Village and Fel Rock Cave

Darnassus Reputation - Quests in Starbreeze Village and Fel Rock Cave
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Starbreeze village

If you are following this guide, your quest log might resemble mine.

Once you’ve gathered your spider legs, turn them in. Rep is 250. Remember, resist the urge to cook your small eggs - you’ll thank me later on this season. When we get to Darnassus, your eggs will be banked. Be marked only by green smoke signals - hats off to Blizzard by making them sparkle! Collect three of them. Seek Redemption is turned in to Zenn. Watch what happens. The Darnassus rep is 500. You will probably be level 8 by now, you can train in Dolanaar. The trainers are standing around the inn. Place your new skills in your action bar.

The sign on the main road is at 61.55. It directs you to Starbreeze village. It is run by Gnarlpines who are not happy to have your toon in their village. Save up the linen - the first aid trainer is in Darnassus. We have a couple of things left to do before going there. Clear them out as best you can, and turn the quest in at the first cottage at 66.58. The NPC is lying on the floor. The Darnassus rep is 75. You can safely jump from the top floor to the ground.

Emerald Dream Catcher is in the back cottage at 67.59. Continue around the cottage. The emerald dream catcher is in a drawer. Go to the main road, then turn left into Dolanaar. Turn in both quests. Gnarlpine Corruption is worth 250 Darnassus rep, and Emerald Dream Catcher is worth 150. Pick up a very challenging quest: Relics of Awakening. At this level, you are too low to attempt Relics of Awakening.

Do Ferocitas the Dreameater. You can jump from the tree where you are standing after turning in the last quest and walk to Starbreeze Village. Keep walking past the last cottage, curving around to 69.55. Gnarlpine Mystics are at the camp. Kill 7. They are level 6-7. Ferocitas is a level 8, and sometimes calls for help from the other gnarlpines. Kill him and finish the quest. Do not turn it in yet. Try to gather 20-30 linen. This helps you to avoid having to spend money at the auction house, and the extra experience is also welcome.

Twisted Hatred

Twisted hatred is the first challenging quest, and it can be tough. Run west of the main road to 57.57. Turn left. There is an unmarked path. Follow this path that curves behind the tree. It looks like a crevice and ends at the Fel Rock Cave (see picture).

You will battle a level 6 sprite that uses high DPS arcane attacks. Follow the cave to the left. I leveled Airias to nine there. Continue following the left path. Melanas is a level 8 aStyr with level 7 sprites surrounding him. They attack from behind and in front. Melanas shapeshifts into cat form while attacking. Target him first, I’ve tried targeting the ads first, but he groups with them. Shoot him until he falls, keeping your health up, then loot his head. Either die so you’re out of the cave, or hearth-stone out. Alternatively you can go the long way and clear back out - at least the XP will be good.

Fel Rock Cave Twisted Hatred

Turn both quests in at the cottage across from the inn in Dolanaar. Rep is 350 for Ferocitas the Dreameater, and 250 for Twisted Hatred. With these two quests, you have 700 Darnassus rep. Walk to Darnassus. It is vital to learn first aid, and also decide on professions for your toon.

Darnassus Map

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