Fun Quests to do in Dolanaar to Earn Darnassus Reputation

Fun Quests to do in Dolanaar to Earn Darnassus Reputation
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Starting in Dolanaar

Are you ready to work in Dolanaar? These quests are pretty fun. I’m writing this to coincide with Quest Helper, Titan Panel, and Lightheaded. You’ll notice the difference on my interface. They can be downloaded through Let’s begin questing. These quests are fun and easy experience, without need to use a reference - especially if Questhelper is downloaded as an addon.

Start and finished Zen’s Bidding. The animals needed are running around in the grass areas on both sides of the road. The drop rate is close to 1 out of 4, so have patience. Save 7 Small Spider Legs, and save every Small Egg that is dropped. Turn this into Zen at 60.56, then turn Dolanaar Delivery in. It is worth 25 rep. Zenn’s Bidding is not worth any Darnassus rep, but it eventually leads into a chain that is.

Timberling Quests

Crown of the Earth is turned in at 56.61, (75 Darnassus rep). Then, walk north to Denalan at the lake at 60.68, (75 Darnassus rep). Pick up the quests, Timberling Seeds, and Timberling Sprouts. The sprouts are blue and are scattered in the same area. The seeds are dropped from the Timberlings, also in the same area. Finish both and turn them back in to Denalan. Timberling Seeds rep is 250. Timberling Sprouts is 350 rep. Pick up the quest Rellian Greenspyre. He is in Darnassus.

There is a camp fire near the inn. Learn cooking here. Do not use your eggs - you’ll be banking them later. Vendor everything not useful and buy 20 mild spices and 20 simple flours. Level your cooking to 20, and retrain. Get the quest Kaledaori Spider Legs.

Time To Be More Challenging

Walk to the inn. There are three quests to get across the street at the cottage. Seek Redemption, A Troubling Breeze, Emerald Dream Catcher, and up in the top floor, Twisted Hatred. Don’t be too hasty to do Twisted Hatred and Emerald Dream Catcher. At this point, I can switch toons to Airias, and I’m going to delete Phiia. You’ll notice it on my interface that my main toon sent 2 gold to Airias.

Deleting a toon is simple. Log out of the game and on the character screen, select a toon and select delete. You’ll be asked if you are sure, and you’ll be asked to type delete into a box. All toon deletions are permanent, so think hard before doing this. Phiia was temporary to get you through the first 1 ½ zones. You’ve worked pretty hard this time. Your toon deserves some rest in the Dolanaar inn.

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