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Iveronn’s Antidote

Iveronn’s Antidote is part of a chain of quests that leads into the first timed quest of this area. After receiving the quest, walk to the lake near the cave. The flowers are a striking screenshot of sparkles. It is a spectacle of nature, art and a photo opportunity worth capturing.

You need 4 moonpetal lilies, 7 hyacinth mushrooms, and one webwood ichor. These are around 58.36. The mushrooms are harder to find. When you are down to 2 mushrooms, the grellkins at the camp drop them, and other items.


The grellkins are fun to chase, as well. They have a lot of expression,and die dramatically.

There is a logical reason why I’ve not trained my toon, why I’d suggest you wait until this point to train yours. The amount of silver, until now, does not justify training. Turn in Iverron’s Antidote, but do not pick up the next quest. Rep is: 250.

The trainers are scattered through out the tree. You’ll have to look for your class. Also, you should take the time to vendor unneeded items.

Take Your Medicine On Time

Remember poor Iveronn? Go to the quest where the turn in was for his antidote. Accept it, but read here first, to get an idea of what path to take. This quest has a 5 minute timer, which is more than enough.

The path you will run is: North to 61.41, veer to 59.33, then to 55.32, and turn it in to Iveronn. Rep is 350. Now, walk to the cave, but first kill the spider that followed you to Iveronn.

This is the first cave system quest for lower levels in this area. The Ironforge area has the Crystal cave. This cave is a lot easier.

Enter Shadowthread Cave. Clear out the spiders inside. There is a split in the cave at 56.29. Proceed towards the left.


I left my interface on the screenshots, so you can see my minimap and map coords. From 55.27, you can glimpse the s

Sparkle From eggs

parkle of the eggs. At 56.26, jump down to the lower level. Turn to your left, and go up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, there are several eggs. Gythyiss the vile is waiting as well. Easy kill, she is level 5. Kill her and grab the egg.


Leaving the Cave

I wish I could simply write “Leave the cave, it’s easy”. My toons have a bad habit of getting lost and falling. Keep to the right of the outer cave wall. At 56.28, continue to the ramp. Walk to 56.29 where there’s a split in your minimap. Take the middle path. Keep to the right, and you’ll see land. Clear the spiders. The NPC is by the steps at the tree. Turn the quest in at 52.41. Rep is 350.

exit cave

Replenish your arrows, and at the same time, sell your unneeded items. Pat yourself on the back - you just did your first timed quest, and cave quest. Good job.

Walk up in the tree, where the trainers are. You should be level 6 by now. You get a whopping 10 of Darnassus rep for speaking to the NPC. He gives you the quest Crown of the Earth. This is a large quest chain. The fountain is at 59.33. Do not jump out of the tree - you don’t need to die just yet. Fill the crystal vial by standing near or in the water and right clicking the vial. Turn it in for 150 rep. Take a good look around, and wave to the grellkins. You are done in Shadowglen.

Walk to the inn in Dolanaar, picking up any quests in between.

This post is part of the series: How To Reach Exalted with Darnassus

A series of articles based on every quest with Darnassus rep, for a toon who was created outside of Darnassus. Airias is a Draenei hunter placed in Shadowglenn at level 2 on a mission to be exalted in Darnassus. Rep amount will be followed and noted.

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