Exiting Exodar At Level 2

Exiting Exodar At Level 2
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First Steps Are Baby Steps

We are about to do something really fun, but first, take the time to download Wowmatrix. Wowmatrix searches for ad-on’s, like Titan Panel, Quest-helper, and Light-headed. It also installs them into the right file. It keeps ad-on’s updated through out patches and expansion packs. (You can read about Quest-helper, Titan Panel and Light-headed here to find out more about these awesome addons.) This entire guide is based on using Titan Panel and Quest Helper. But, you need to learn Wowmatrix. It is a very good friend to have with you at all times.

We have to start at the beginning, which seems to be baby steps, but they are steps that have to be taken, due to the beginning quest chain. It is very important for draenies to complete the first three quests in Ammon Vale and at the Crash Site. If the toon is a dwarf or gnome, they begin around the Iron Forge Area. I will do a separate level one and 2 walk through for them. After level two, the quest for each race do not change. If at level 2, the toon is moved from their home city, to Darnassus, every quest in Shadowglen, will be available to them. Experience will be gained, not lost, and the player will be on their way to gaining substantial Darnassus rep. So, let’s start at the beginning.

The first quest is directly ahead in Ammon Vale. Speak to Megelon. He assigns the “You Survived” quest. Go to the left where the crash site is located, at map coords: 80.45 and speak to Proenitus. (The yellow question mark on the mini map). He is at the crash site. The quest Replenishing the Healing Crystals is what he’ll give you. The moths in flight drop the vials as they are killed and the drop rate is really good for these since it is such a low level quest. This leads to a chain that is very vital for the draenei.

Killing Moths

When 8 vials are gathered, turn in the quest to Proteus. And another quest is assigned. The man to speak to is the priest trainer, Zaldunne. He is inside the crash site in Ammen Vale. When speaking to Zalduune, you should ding to level 2. Vender any trash inside your bag to clean it out and repair if you need to. Zaldunne gives the “Gift of the Naruu” to you. Open the spell book in the middle column in the action bar, click on gift of the Naruu and move it to the action bar. This quest, Rescue the Survivors is vital for a draenei, do not skip it. Also, it is the last one for this continent.

Look for the survivors laying on the ground. Find one, (start your achievement of “All the Squirells I Loved Before” by targeting a rabbit,and typing /love), and click on them, with your left mouse button. Then, click on the Gift of the Naruu in the action bar. Quest is complete. Go back to Zaldunne,and turn it in.

Out of Here

This is the picture of the path. It is kind of hard to find. Here’s how: Run to Silverline Lake. Take a short swim to map cords: 75.60. This is still a safe area. I get a kick out of helping survivors I find laying on the ground.


The path is at 68.53. It’s easy to miss,but follow the mountains to the right, and your toon will be looking at this path in the screenshot.

Officially, your toon is in Azuremyst isle. Resist the urge to grab the quests. They are not needed. While in Azure Watch, training costs 9 copper. Learn Track Beasts, or other skills if the toon is not a hunter. Follow the road, staying clear of the level 7 cats. There’s only 2, and they don’t like level 2’s. Your toon is facing Exodar. The flight path is to the left. 68.63. There will not be any flight paths attached to this one. On around the left of Exodar is the boat dock. The map cords are 29.28. There’s a couple of cats along the way, as well. They are level 7. They are easy to avoid.

To Darnassus

Catch the boat at the dock, and ride it to Darkshore. Once in Darkshore, walk all the way down the dock, this is another step worth taking. It is to grab the flight path at Darkshore. Now, walk all the way back to the smaller boat to the right. Once on, your toon will travel to Ruth’garde Village.

Understand the reason why billions of quests were skipped in the draenei area. Again, if arriving in Darnassus at an early enough level, all the quests in Shadowglenn, will be available, and experience will be earned, along with rep. Your toon can go back to Exodar, and do the quests if that is what they choose. This does not work at level 5, I happen to know a gnome mage in Dolanaar who has tried it. The quests were hunt and peck for him.

The flight path in Ruth’Garde village is to the right, where the dock is located, at 58.93. Get it, and then walk to the pink portal. The toon will still be level 2. Darnassus is the night elf main city. And, now it will be your toon’s.

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