Why It's Bad To Be a Guild Hopper In World Of Warcraft

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Just a no-no…

When it comes to playing World of Warcraft, it seems that pretty much every player is in a guild. You always have those few that manage to stay solo, but the vast majority of players join guilds. A guild is actually a good thing, as it gives you some friends and colleagues to help with instances and fights as well as higher level players who can help you through spots that you have not been in before. But, there are some players out there who are taking advantage of guilds on every server and it seems to be getting worse here lately.

With all the hacking going on into player’s accounts, guilds that have worked to build up a major guild bank are logging in to find that their bank vaults have been wiped clean. These guilds lose hundreds of items, hundreds (or more) gold, and the trust and respect of their members just by one person hacking into an account. Now, normally, Blizzard can easily find out what was taken and restore all of the items to the guild and they will patch the hack that was done so all is well in the end. But, with this new phenomena going on in the game, it is no wonder that some guilds are now being more selective in who they invite into them.

There are many people who play this game that know just about everything that goes on in their server’s world – and they are not GM’s. They are just well connected, run large guilds, or are very well known players and they hear what happens and who did what. It is for this reason that when players hop guilds or steal from guild banks, other guilds find out about it. For most players, this is no big deal, because they find a guild they like or create their own, and stay there. But, for those few who have made a habit of “guild hopping”, this can become a big problem.

For those of you who don’t know what a “guild hopper” is, these are the players that will join any guild and then leave unexpectedly and without reason. Sometimes they take items from the guild bank and leave, other times, they don’t. But, guild hoppers swiftly become known on their server and the guilds that have worked hard to build themselves up will not allow those players in or will boot them as soon as they see that they are in their ranks again. Of course, this doesn’t stop those players from creating another toon and then joining up again.

I guess that this article is more of a warning to those who have started to make it a habit to hop guilds every now and then. With all the hacking bots and problems that are in game lately, you might find that it will become harder and harder to join a guild if you lose your reputation in the game. So, take care that you don’t gain the “guild hopper” label and game on.

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