Using the Guild Event Manager Add-On for World of Warcrat to Schedule Event and Raids

Using the Guild Event Manager Add-On for World of Warcrat to Schedule Event and Raids
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The Guild Event Manager add-on has declined in popularity since Blizzard added its own event calendar. The event calendar included in the game remains useful, but the Guild Event manager offers raid planners options that the in-game calendar does not. Guild event Manager lets people signing up for an event select the roles they can fill. It allows the raid planner to determine what roles he has available and if a character who signed up can fulfill a needed role. WoW’s calendar, while good, does not take the dual specialization option into account.

What Does Guild Event Manger Do?

GEM uses channels rather than being tied to a specific guild. Multiple guilds that do not have enough member to run 25 man or ten men raids can group together.

The important thing for using Guild Event Manager to schedule events for a guild or an alliance is that all members of a channel must use the same version of Guild Event Manager. An upgrade makes using the add-on difficult until all members of a channel upgrade to the latest version.

How to Set Up Guild Event manager

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Download the correct version of Guild Event manager and place it into the \World of Warcraft. Extract the folder directly into the directory. Start World of Warcraft. Select add-ons from the character selection screen and enable GEM if it is not enabled already.

Guild members and raid leaders cannot use the add-on until they subscribe to the correct channel. The default channel for the guild can be used or deleted. If the alliance or guild requires users to delete the default channel, they must subscribe to the correct channel and have the correct password.

Scheduling Raids with Guild Event Manager

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The average player does not need to worry about how to set up raids. He merely needs to access the calendar in the Guild Event manager and subscribe to upcoming events. Event organizers must have the appropriate permissions to place events on the calendar

To schedule an event using GEM, click on the date and select add event. Choose the type of event and the maximum number of people allowed. Select the type and number of each role. MMO raids generally need much fewer tanks and healers than DPS characters. When the members of the channel log on, they get alerted to new events which they can choose to sign up for or ignore the event.

Why Use Guild Event Manager Over Blizzard’s Built-In Calendar?

Guild Event Manager gives raid leaders and event leaders better organization options. The add-on allows alliances made up of more than one guild to create a channel for shared events, something the current calendar in-gamed calendar cannot do. While it does not reach the level of necessity as an add-on that provides coordinates or deadly boss mobs, GEM is still a very useful add-on.

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