Run a Gaming Clan - Be A Great leader

Run a Gaming Clan - Be A Great leader
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Know The Game

A good clan leader must know the game inside and out. The leader should be able to answer all questions from clan members or direct them to the proper information such as guides. It doesn’t make much sense to play a game for a few days and then start a clan. Get to know all aspects of the game such as maps, weapons, and amour. If you know the game you’ll be in a better position to direct your teammate and help them succeed in the game you are all playing. A leader with command over the game is in better position to assume the leadership role.

Have a Positive Attitude

World of Warcraft

No one likes to lose but it’s a part of the game. Take each loss and learn from it. Keep your cool and act professionally. No one wants to play with someone who loses his or her cool over a simple game. When you win don’t gloat and thank the other team for playing the game. When you have a conflict with another clan stay calm and work through the problem. Players on your team are likely to stay if you have a positive winning attitude even in the face of losing. Never put down another clan just move on and get better at the game.

Problem Team Players

Clans can sometimes have one or two problem players who lack maturity to play the game. This can cause enormous problems in your clan and being down your reputation with other teams. Players need to know that you are the leader and if they don’t agree to how your clan operates they shouldn’t be a member. You can be flexible with players and give them a chance to be a better team player but if they still cause problems for you, the team, or other gamers, remove the problem player and carry on. Give new players time to adjust to the team and learn the game. Some players just love to cause problems in clans and they have no business being in yours. If you feel the need, ask the options of other players on whether the problem player should be given another chance or just removed.


There’s nothing worse than a clan with ridged rules. Telling players they need to log in each day or be booted isn’t the way to approach your clan. Players all have lives whether school, work, or family. Give players time to log back into the game if they are inactive for some time. If you remove them and they return a few days later and message you, offer them a chance to re-join. Make sure you have one or two players who can act as leader in your absence so the clan can keep functioning even if you are not there to lead it. You could assign players from different time zones to lead the clan when you’re not online.

Forums or Websites

Having some sort of clan presence online is a good idea. A forum can be used to discuss strategies or just a place to hang out and discuss other things in life when not playing the game. A nice website can help attract new players into the clan. You can design it yourself if you have the skills or have clan mate or friend work on it for you. You can display player names, videos, screenshots and other materials on the site. Other ideas are links to game patches, maps, and other essentials new players need to play.

Lead By Example

You are the head of your team so take control of it and make it the best it can be. Remain positive when playing the game and work with players not against them. Be flexible with your team and give everyone a fun place to play the game with other people.


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