WoW Guild Levels: Full Listing of Guild Perks in World of Warcraft

WoW Guild Levels: Full Listing of Guild Perks in World of Warcraft
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One of the coolest new World of Warcraft features introduced in the Cataclysm expansion was the ability for guilds to gain levels. As each guild levels up, special perks are unlocked that apply to all members of the guild. These guild perks grant everything from bonuses to experience and money gained to a mounted speed increase and decreased hearthstone cooldown.

Each level a guild achieves earns them a specific perk. Our guide will cover each level and perk from level two through level 25.

Levels 2-10

The first guild perk that can be earned is Fast Track (Rank 1). Fast track increases the experience gained from completing quests and taking out monsters by 5% for all guild members. Fast Track is earned at guild level 2.

At guild level 3, the Mount Up perk is unlocked. Mount up increases mounted speed by 10% in all areas except Arenas and Battlegrounds.

Guild level 4 unlocks the Mr. Popularity (Rank 1) perk, increasing reputation points gained from killing monsters and finishing quests by ten percent.

At level 5, guild will unlock the Cash Flow (Rank 1) perk. With this monetary perk, every time a guild member loots cash from a corpse, an additional 5% is generated and goes directly into the guild bank.

Level 6 upgrades the Fast Track perk to Rank 2, increasing experience gains from quests and monster kills by a total of ten percent.

Cash Flow Icon

Guilds who reach level 7 unlock the Reinforce (Rank 1) perk, causing items to take 10% less durability loss when a guild member is killed.

Guild rank 8 unlocks the Hasty Hearth perk, reducing the cooldown on all guild members’ hearthstones by 15 minutes.

At guild rank 9, guild members will enjoy the Reinforce (Rank 2) perk, reducing durability loss upon death by 20 percent.

Guild rank 10 grants the Chug-A-Lug (Rank 1) perk, increasing the duration of buffs from guild cauldrons and feasts by 50%.

Levels 11-20

Guilds who reach level 11 will gain access to the Mobile Banking perk, granting them the ability to summon a chest that gives access to the guild bank from anywhere in the world for five minutes at a time.

Mobile Banking Icon

Guild level 12 grants the Mr. Popularity (Rank 2) perk, which increases reputation point gains from both kills and quests by 10%.

Level 13 unlocks the Honorable Mention (Rank 1) perk. Honorable Mention increases honor point gains by 5%.

When a guild reaches level 14, they gain access to the Working Overtime perk, increasing guild members’ chance to gain a tradeskill skill point increase by 10%.

Reaching level 15 unlocks The Quick and The Dead. This perk increases the mana and health granted when a player is resurrected by a guild member by half. It also doubles movement speed while dead by but does not function while in combat or in PvP.

Level 16 unlocks the Cash Flow (Rank 2) perk. With the second rank of Cash Flow, an extra 10% of the cash a guild member loots is generated and finds its way directly into the guild bank.

Guild Mail Icon

At level 17, guilds can unlock the Guild Mail perk, which causes mail sent between guild members to arrive instantly, just as if it were sent between characters on the same account.

Guild level 18 unlocks the For Great Justice perk. Fans of Zero Wing will recognize the name of this perk, which increases Justice Point gains by a total of 5%.

Level 19 gives access to the Honorable Mention (Rank 2) perk. Like rank 1, this perk increases honor point gains, but now grants an additional 10%.

Happy Hour is the reward for a guild that reaches level 20. With Happy Hour, the number of flasks gained from a guild member’s flask cauldron increases by 100%.

Levels 21-25

Have Group Will Travel Icon

It takes an extraordinary amount of time for guilds to reach the higher levels, and the perks gained by doing so are equally extraordinary.

When a guild reaches level 21, they gain access to the Have Group, Will Travel perk. This perk grants an ability that, when used, will summon all raid or party members to the location of the character who casts it. This ability has a two hour cooldown.

Chug-A-Lug (Rank 2) is the reward for a guild that reaches level 22. With the upgraded version of this perk, the duration of buffs from all guild feasts and cauldrons is doubled.

Reaching guild level 23 unlocks the Bountiful Bags perk, increasing the amount of Mining, Herbalism, Disenchanting, and Skinning materials gained when utilizing those skills by 15%.

Mass Resurrection Icon

The penultimate level of guild progression is level 24, which unlocks the Bartering guild perk. With Bartering, guild members will pay 10% less when purchasing from any vendor.

Finally, level 25 grants perhaps the greatest guild perk of all, Mass Resurrection. With this perk, a player can bring all raid or party members back to life with 35% health and mana. This ability costs a flat 64% of base mana and has a ten second cast time. Mass Resurrection cannot be used while the group is in combat.

Each of these perks offers a specific advantage to all members of a guild which has reached the corresponding level. When guild membership offers such amazing perks, why would any World of Warcraft player want to go it alone?

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