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    • When Games Let You Down - A Decade of Disappointments
      As an avid gamer, you look forward to the newest games, especially if they happen to be in that favorite series of yours. You save up, you go out, buy it, play it, and...it's a complete let down. You're not sure what happened, but this game is not what you thought. You aren't alone.
    • Ten of the Worst Gaming Stinkers Ever
      Anticipation turns to anger as the hopeful player purchases that sought-after release, acclaimed by marketing monsters as the "next best thing." Rage and curses best left until after-hours ensue. Here you'll find ten gaming stinkers, across all platforms, that everybody wishes they'd never bought.
    • Why Gamers Think Zynga Games Suck
      Facebook games are highly popular and the biggest developer of such games is Zynga. Even with the huge popularity, many hardcore gamers think that these games are a waste of time and money and lack any great gameplay. What do you think?
    • No Sex Please, We're Gamers: Nudity in PC Games
      In this article we take a look at nudity in PC games over the years and ask why it provokes such moral outrage.
    • Outrage Against the Machine
      The meteoric rise of the video game medium, and its shift from fiddlestick-novelty to cultural phenomenon, has lead to questions regarding its influence in society much like Film and Television. Do video games, particularly violent ones, really have an effect? We attempt to find out in this article.
    • Why are MMO Players Such Jerks?
      Anyone who has spent any time playing games online is familiar with the scourge of the internet: the jerks. They ridicule your gear and playstyle while simultaneously revealing their own insecurities.
    • Most Disappointing PC Games of 2009
      Some games just don’t deliver on their promise and in this article we highlight the most disappointing PC titles that were released in 2009.
    • Is Your MMORPG Habit Becoming an Unhealthy Obsession?
      Do you ever feel as though work, social occasions, meals and even toilet trips are an unwelcome distraction from your MMORPG of choice? Perhaps you are developing an unhealthy obsession. Read this article to find out.
    • Keep It in the Bedroom
      The flirt, the eye batterer, the queens of mistells. They are everywhere, there is one in every guild, and quite frankly, the majority of the gaming population isn't impressed.
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