Why So Many Gamers Think Zynga Sucks

Why So Many Gamers Think Zynga Sucks
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The Facebook Issue

Facebook is addicting. Facebook games are perhaps even more addicting and they draw users in to do mindless gaming while at work, school, home, and while chatting with their Facebook friends.

When users of the website are on it so often throughout the day, it makes it easy for people to login and tend to their virtual crops, towns, fight in mafia wars, or take part in other shallow games that keep them occupied.

With all of the high quality games that are available elsewhere though, is it really worth the time and money spent playing these Facebook games? Real “gamers” think that Zynga sucks. Do you?

Is Facebook Destroying Games?

Facebook games allow friends on the website to help one another out in the social games they sign up to play. This model makes it addicting and also puts in the competitive factor for friends to try to “one up” each other. Zynga neighbors often don’t even know one another in real life. They simply signup friends to add to their Facebook account so they can be virtual neighbors in the games. Sad but true. I’m ashamed to say, but even I’ve fallen victim to this.

This doesn’t happen in regular games for the PC or console gaming, which I do prefer. I’d much rather play “The Sims 3,” anything from the “Final Fantasy” series or even an MMORPG such as “Guild Wars” over a Facebook game any day

The more traditional games offer high quality graphics, diverse types of gameplay with actual storylines, real music, better character customization and an endless amount of more in-depth content than the shallow games found in browser-based games that developers such as Zynga creates.

Does Zynga Rip Off Other Games?

Gamers that enjoy playing the more traditional games generally all agree that the games people play on Facebook are lacking in quality and are a huge waste of time.

Zynga games also seem to be created on ideas that other game developers already made. Take for instance, the popular “CityVille” game where users create a little city and build it up. It is quite similar to the game series “Sim City” developed by Electronic Arts. Another game that is similar is “YoVille” which is similar to “The Sims” series. “FarmVille” is one of the most popular games and it too is based on the same “Sims” type of a game model.

As a gamer, I have played all of the games mentioned above and I would personally much rather play the games from the “Sims” series. Even when I was playing the games created by Zynga I was thinking “Gee, I could play “The Sims 3” and not have this lag issue and actually create better things… why am I still playing “YoVille” and “FarmVille”?” Eventually, I quit the Zynga games altogether and went back to playing just the traditional games.

Character Creation

The Sims 3 Bachelorette outfit

Avatar and character creation is one thing that many gamers enjoy getting creative with their characters. It takes time and effort, but the reward of having a unique gaming experience with a character designed by you is rewarding and makes the game that much more fun to play.

With the traditional games, users can create some amazing characters, clothing, homes, and anything you can think of doing with a game. In “The Sims 3” this is one of my favorite things to do. Transforming Sims and customizing them to look like a celebrity is fun and makes playing it more interesting, at least for me.

Farmville character

When you look at the browser based games such as Farmville though, the avatars you can make are severely lacking in editing any type of customizations. Sure, you can change gender, the hairstyles and purchase a few new clothing options, but the customization just isn’t up to par.

Based on those images, which character would you rather play as?


FarmVille graphics

The actual gameplay with the Facebook games is laughable. Tending to virtual crops and sending neighbors gifts all the time to add to their virtual Christmas tree or other holiday related item is extremely time consuming and annoying. The games are mind-numbingly repetitive and offer no real stimulation or thought to accomplish anything.

FarmVille graphics and other such games by Zynga are also severely lacking in quality. These games are of course aimed to be played by everyone so the system requirements are at the bare minimum.

Zynga Sucks and Gamers Hate Facebook Games – Do You?

Personally, I think that Zynga games suck and their games are a huge waste of time and money (for those that actually buy the Zynga game cards). They offer games that are mind-numbingly repetitive and offer no thrill in playing. I admit it though; I fell into the trap of playing a few of their games for a couple of months. Unfortunately I can’t get back the time spent that I wasted playing them, but it did give me better insight of staying away from these games in the future.

So, what do you think about these games? Do you think Zynga sucks? Have you fallen victim to playing them too and gotten out of the zombie craze of them?


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3 and FarmVille.

Screenshots provided by the writer.