Wolfenstein Cheats and Achievements: Key Achievements and Cheats for Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein Cheats and Achievements: Key Achievements and Cheats for Wolfenstein
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The sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein has some great FPS action to offer. Wolfenstein’s sci-fi and occult based storyline boasts intense button-mashing action. This WWII action-packed game gives you a nice combination of RPG elements and first person shooter action. From traditional WWII weapons such as the Flammenwerfer, MP40 SMG to fictional futuristic weapons such as the Tesla Gun.

Wolfenstein has many unique elements including a parallel dimension called The Veil. Once you activate it, it will allow access to additional powers. The Veil will help you run faster and shoot enemies with ease. What’s more, you can make it work like a bulletproof shield and slow down time. You can also upgrade your own bullets to shoot and get through force fields. Purchasing Veil powers upgrades your cloak to perform more devastating damages, which includes turning your enemies into pillars of dust and ricocheting enemy bullets towards your opponents. You can learn more about the veil and other key aspects of the latest FPS game in our Xbox 360 Wolfenstein review.

Wolfenstein has got few cheats, but many unlockables and achievements. Check out the best single player achievements and learn how to unlock in-game cheats in this Wolfenstein cheats list:

Unlockable Cheats for Wolfenstein

There are few cheats which can easily be unlocked at any difficulty. All you have to do is play the entire game to unlock the Wolfenstein cheats menu. The menu will display the following cheats:

  • Unlock All Weapons: All traditional and sci-fi weapons get unlocked

    Wolfenstein Screenshot 1

  • Infinite Money: Helps you to rake in infinite cash

  • Unlock All Veil Powers: All powers associated with the Veil, including slow down time, bulletproof and other powers get unlocked easily.

  • Pumpkin Heads (Big Head Mode): NPCs appear with big heads

Note: If you activate any of the above Wolfenstein cheats, you won’t be able to earn any achievements in the game.

Wolfenstein Achievements for Xbox 360 Console (Single Player Achievements)

Wolfenstein Screenshot 2

Blitzkrieg: Finish the single player campaign in any difficulty level, but within 12 hours. This will also unlock 30 gamerscore points.

Beatdown: Use Melee attack to kill 50 enemies to unlock this achievement and 30 gamerscore points.

Buster: Break 1000 fragile objects and earn 20 gamerscore points.

Bubble Boy: With the Shield power, deflect 1000 shots to gain 20 gamerscore points.

Conservationist: This requires some thinking. Complete the story mission, but do not reload the gun in the entire campaign. This will help you unlock 30 gamerscore points.

Endgame: The easiest of all the single player campaign achievements! All you have to do is complete the story campaign on any difficulty, but you will earn only 10 gamerscore points.

Enemies on the Barrel: Eliminate three floating enemies to achieve this title and 20 gamerscore points.

Gadget Freak: If you buy all upgrades for any one of your weapons, this achievement and 20 gamerscore points will be yours.

Game Hunter: You will encounter several enemies. Eliminating an enemy of every type can earn you this title and 10 points.

Gun Nut: Gather all weapons to unlock this achievement and 10 points

Wolfenstein Screenshot 3

Gold Digger: You can unlock this achievement by collecting all valuables in the story campaign. The achievement is worth 30 gamerscore points.

Honorary Geist: Have the guts to spend two hours in the Veil? Well, if you do, the Honorary Geist title will be yours. The achievement is worth 20 points.

Librarian: Gather Tomes of Power in the campaign mode to unlock this achievement and 20 points.

Man About Town: Finish off all the Downtown missions and achieve 20 gamerscore points.

Master Spy: You can unlock this achievement and 20 gamerscore points after collecting Intel.

Nerd Rage: Finish the campaign on U”ber or Hard difficulty mode. The achievement is worth 20 gamerscore points.

Monitor Tan: Every collectible collected in a single player campaign will help you to earn 30 gamerscore points.

Newbie: Finish the Train Station mission and collect 10 gamerscore points**.**

Rampage: Wielding Empower weapon, eliminate 200 enemies to unlock this and earn 20 gamerscore points

Warchest: Rake in $30,000 cash in the campaign mode to unlock 20 gamerscore points.

Time Out: Employ the Mire power to unlock this achievement and earn 20 gamerscore points.

Super Soldier: Finish the campaign mode at the highest difficulty level to unlock this achievement and earn 30 gamerscore points.

Slumming: Finish all Midtown missions in the story campaign. The achievement is worth 10 gamerscore points.

Single Quarter: Finish all single player missions, but only with three re-spawns.

Those were some of the best single player Wolfenstein cheats and achievements. You can check our in-depth Wolfenstein review to know more about the game mechanics, graphics, pros and cons and replayability for the PS3 platform.