Wolfenstein Hints and Cheats

Wolfenstein Hints and Cheats
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Wolfenstein is the longest running FPS franchise and the latest installment brought us more gunning action fun as the psychotic B. J. Blazkowicz. If you want to know more check out the Wolfenstein review. You can also find some help with the Wolfenstein Weapons Guide and the Wolfenstein Powers Guide. In this article we offer up some final hints and tips to help you complete the game.

Saving Cash

There are plenty of bits and pieces to find in Wolfenstein. Hidden secrets house gold, Intel and Power Tomes. The gold is in limited supply and you’ll find that you don’t get enough to fully upgrade all of your weapons and powers. Well you can skip the power upgrades altogether because when you find the final Tome of Power you’ll get all of them for free. You should also avoid buying ammunition on the black market, it is a waste of precious cash and you can find it by searching thoroughly and looting enemy corpses. The best policy is to use your cash solely for weapon upgrades and focus on the weapons you like to use.

Caution and Exploration

You may be tempted to blast your way through levels all guns blazing and not even pause to look back and see the trail of corpses, but you’ll get more from the game with a slow, cautious approach. There are so many pick ups to find that slow and thorough exploration is the only way to get your hands on all of them. It is also wise to make sure you drop back behind cover and reload frequently to avoid getting caught short by a nasty Nazi.


Pick two or three favourite weapons and stick with them throughout. This will help you to conserve cash and fully upgrade your chosen arsenal. It will also allow you the time to become an expert dealer of death. It is handy to have a close range weapon, a long range weapon and something big and explosive for those boss fights.


The powers in the game are quite limited and they aren’t always very useful. You have to use them at the right time to really get the benefit. For heavy opponents and boss fights a mixture of the Mire to slow down time and Empower to fire through shields is very effective.



You can activate various cheats by tinkering with game files but most people won’t want to go digging in the game’s guts like that. The only other way to unlock cheats is to complete the game. Once you do you’ll be able to use cheats that unlock all weapons and powers in the game. There is another cheat that gives you infinite money. Most bizarre of all is the pumpkin head cheat which turns the heads of all the NPCs into pumpkins. Is slaughtering Nazi pumpkin heads any more fun? I’ll let you decide.