Wolfenstein Veil Powers

Wolfenstein Veil Powers
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Wolfenstein’s Veil Powers

The recent first-person shooter release Wolfenstein featured the trademark blend of Nazi killing and occult supernatural forces that we all expected. While it may not have heralded a step forward for the genre it was an enjoyable game. For more on the game you can read the full Wolfenstein review.

The weapons at your fingertips were a mixture of classic FPS standards and some super charged fantasy weapons. You can read all about them in the Wolfenstein Weapons Guide. You were not limited to traditional weaponry. You also had a number of special powers to help you crush the Third Reich. The developers adopted a system of upgrades which you could purchase with cash collected by exploring each level. This upgrade system was extended to include your powers and in this Wolfenstein Powers Guide we take a closer look at your special abilities and their potential upgrades.

All of the special abilities drain your Veil power which can only be replenished from pools of mystical energy. This simple mechanic quite effectively restricts how often you can unleash them.


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The Veil power allows you to access The Veil so you can see through walls and find secret doors. It is also the reserve that the other powers use and the upgrades allow you to increase your store of it so you can use your powers for longer.

  • Crystal Harmony ($2,000) - The ultimate secrets of the ancient tomes have revealed how these crystals may be tuned to increase energy pool regeneration.
  • Inner Brilliance ($1,500) - More research into the ancient tomes has revealed that these crystals can increase your veil energy pool even further.
  • Inner Light ($1,500) - The information uncovered in the ancient tomes allows you to store power in these crystals, increasing your veil energy pool.
  • Veil Sight ($2,000) - With the knowledge you have gained from the ancient tomes, you can tune these crystals to reveal enemies even through solid matter.


This allows you to penetrate through things with your conventional weapons. The ability to fire through enemy shields and take out powerful foes while ducking behind cover is very handy.

  • Penetrating Crystal ($2,000) - This red crystal burns with an inner fire. It allows your attacks to pass through metal, stone, and concrete.
  • Piercing Crystal ($1,000) - The edges of this red crystal are razor sharp. It allows your attacks to pass through most light cover.


This power lets you activate a kind of bullet time effect. You can basically slow down time for a short period.

  • Shearing Crystal ($3,000) - Light seems to take minutes to pass through this crystal. When Mire is activated, temporal flux from this crystal obliterates nearby foes.
  • Slowing Crystal ($1,000) - Concentric rings are visible within this yellow crystal. Used with the Mire ability it will bring time to a virtual stand-still.


I’m sure you can guess what Shield does…. yes that’s right it blocks bullets and, once fully upgraded, can reflect them. It does not protect you from melee attacks.

  • Reactive Crystal ($3,000) - This blue crystal hums with energy. The organic resonance of this crystal can disintegrate certain enemies who touch your shield.
  • Reflective Crystal ($1,000) - This blue crystal is flawlessly clear. It is able to reflect bullets back at those who shot them.