Warhammer Guild Alliances - Guide to Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning Guild Alliances

Warhammer Guild Alliances - Guide to Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning Guild Alliances
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How do Guilds Work in WAR?

Anyone that has ever played an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game - seriously, just learn the acronym) knows the generic information on what a guild is and how they are managed. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) is not significantly different. A guild is formed when a the leader of a full party speaks to the Guild Registrar in-game and pays to have the guild created. He can then manage the guild using a ranking and permissions system very similar to every other game. What is unique in WAR is he then has the ability to form an Alliance with other guilds.

Why Form An Alliance?

The short answer is that you find a guild of really cool people that you want to associate with while allowing both guilds to keep their autonomy. The long answer are there actually is real benefits and functionality to doing so, and it isn’t all socially related. Having an Alliance with another guild grants a whole new set of Alliance Ranks, an Alliance Chat Channel, and a shared Event Calendar. Ok, maybe it all is social, but just imagine a scheduled siege several guilds strong coordinating in /alliance chat and vanquishing the enemy! I call that functional.

Ok, I’m Interested. How Do I Do It?

Well, for starters, you need to be a Guild Leader. Depending on your social skills that may or may not be an obstacle, but, assuming that you are or become a Guild Leader, your guild then needs to achieve Guild Rank 6 in order to form or enter into any alliances. The same is true of any guilds you invite into your alliance. The Guild Leader to initiate the Alliance is the one who will get to pick the name of it, so if that is you, put some thought into how you proceed. A bad alliance name could shatter the whole thing. Also, in case you’re concerned about it, forming the Alliance costs nothing (except maybe your dignity).

Woo I’m In An Alliance! Now what? =(

Warhammer Online

Now you plan, connive, and scheme (using your new awesome calendar!) on how best to lay waste to the enemy! Now, to answer a few FAQ’s.

How Do I Speak in the Alliance Chat Channel?

Assuming you have permission to speak in the channel, all you need to do is precede everything you intend to say there with the “/a” command. If you do not have permission to speak in the channel, this will result in an error message.

Permission? How Do I Get That?

It must be granted to you by your Guild Leader by modifying your Alliance Rank. Only your Guild Leader can change your Alliance Rank. I, personally, have wondered what the purpose of having an Alliance is if only the Leader-y types have access to the chat channel. I believe that to encourage camaraderie this privilege needs to be granted to every member in good standing.

Why Don’t I Have Permission? =(

Two very good reasons. The first is that it is quite possible your Guild Leader has forgotten to assign you the appropriate rank, or he is lazy and like all lazy people doesn’t want to have to set the permission for 100 people. Considering that it takes a minimum of 5 seconds per person to update their Alliance rank this is quite understandable, because it would result in your Guild Leader having to endure 8.3 minutes of right clicking. The second reason could very well be that nobody likes you and you should work on your attitude and/or find a new guild.

How Do I Use the Alliance Calendar?

Exactly the same way you use the Guild Calendar. As a matter of fact, they are shared! If you have the correct permissions, simply click on the date of your event, create it, name it, and describe it. Guild and Alliance members can then sign up for the event if they choose to participate.