Basics of the Warhammer Online Tome of Knowledge

Basics of the Warhammer Online Tome of Knowledge
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The Tome of Knowledge

The Tome of Knowledge is a in-game mechanic unique to Warhammer Online, that documents things that your character has accomplished, important people you have come across, interesting beasts and monsters, where you have been, and what stage of the War story you are on and what you’ve learned from it. As you “unlock” things in the Tome of Knowledge you can earn neat things like gear, titles, and Tactics. The Tome of Knowledge is divided up into several areas that you can instantly browse to. These areas are:

Introduction - The Introduction section of the ToK displays a very brief summary of the things that particular character has done in the game.

Quests - This section of the ToK displays all of your characters current quests, and what type of quests they are, and if you’ve completed them. You will use this section often while leveling.

WAR Story - This section of the ToK documents where your character is in the entire storyline of Warhammer Online. It has four sections, one for each “pairing” of races. Each different pairing has its own war story, and this ToK section will display where your character has progressed in each individual story through doing different zones, quests, and travel.

Achievements - This section lists the different achievements that your character has done. There are hundreds of achievements, but the tome only shows what ones you have completed, not ones that are available. There are even achievements for clicking on yourself a lot, falling to your death, or doing battle while naked.

Rewards - This section of the ToK covers rewards that you have earned through completing achievements or bestiary unlocks (discussed later). There are for sections in the Rewards area: Titles, which shows what titles you have earned - usually through achievements; Cards; Tactics - which are a special kind of tactic that are granted from bestiary unlocks; and Items, which are similarly awarded with unlocks.

History and Lore - This section is also broken down into “pairings”. You learn things about History and Lore by exploring different zones completely. The more you explore, the more you learn.

Noteworthy Persons - This section details the important people your character has encountered on their journey. It is broken down by zone, and includes people like Influence reward Vendors and Kill Collectors.

Bestiary - The bestiary documents the different kinds of monsters, or mobs, that your character has come across and killed. It is broken down into 6 “classes” of monsters, then into specific races, types, etc. Learning everything about a certain “class” of monster by killing many of them grants tactics specific to that type.

Armory - This lists the different armor sets your character has discovered in their journeys.

Live Events - This section is relatively new to the tome, and keeps track of the different events featured in-game throughout the year.