Playing a Dark Elf Sorcerer or Sorceress

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Sorcerer Lore

Sorcerers and Sorceresses are the Dark Elf ranged DPS caster class of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Sorcerers use Dark Magic, which Dark Elves call Dhar, to weave their incredibly powerful and potent spells. Because of the insidious and chaotic nature of Dark Magic, Sorcerers will often suffer backlash damage from many of their powerful spells. Many assume that because of the bloodthirsty nature of Dark Elves that there are none among them that of extremely high intelligence and education. This isn’t the case, and Sorcerers are proof of it. Sorcerers are featured extensively in Warhammer lore, as they are one of the primary parties responsible for the destruction caused by the Sundering. The Sorcerers are also responsible for the magical black arks, the floating Dark Elf cities.

Sorcerers weave their dark magic far from the front lines of battle, preferring to take their time summoning spells of incredible destructive force and unleashing it upon their foes while avoiding putting themselves in the line of danger. They clothe themselves in wicked looking robes and head adornments, and brandish large staffs for channeling their dark magics.

Playing a Sorcerer

Playing a Dark Elf Sorcerer or Sorceress is fun and very challenging at the same time. They possess incredible power, which makes raining down death and destruction in both PvE (player vs environment) and RvR (realm vs realm) a natural fit. At the same time, though, they have minimal armor or protection, and there is a high chance that they’re own detrimental spells will cause damage to them as well. Therefore, playing a Sorcerer has a difficult side - staying alive.

Sorcerers should have no trouble soloing quests out in the open world. Most can finish off an enemy before it even reaches them by taking advantage of their long range. Similarly, their role in a group is very clear and easy to fill - destroy the enemy, while not pulling threat off of the tank. In RvR a Sorcerer is highly capable of having the highest amount of damage and kills of the entire warband. They do, however, need to be very aware of themselves, being sure to keep their Dark Magic levels low so as not to take too much damage from backlash. The ability Dhar Wind is used to drain Dark Magic.

In RvR the Sorcerer needs to stay far from the front lines of battle, preferably in an area barricaded by tanks and near healers. From there he/she is free to cast their destructive spells, but should reposition often so as to maintain protection and be as difficult to target as possible. If the Sorcerer is not receiving a decent stream of healing in RvR then they should keep their Dark Magic levels low, using Dhar Wind to burn it off, otherwise, they are more likely to kill themselves than their enemies are to kill them.