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How Tactics Sets Work

by: Jesma ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We discuss the Tactics game mechanic of Warhammer Online and how it is used to customize characters to the unique playstyle of the gamer. There are three different types of Tactics that are attained in a variety of ways. Several tactics sets can be designated, but only one can be used at a time.

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    Tactics in Warhammer Online

    Warhammer Online uses a unique game mechanic called "Tactics" to customize the playstyle of each individual career to suit the player. Players are given a variety of options in choosing Tactics, and those options increase with level. Some tactics are granted through normal leveling, while others are granted by achieving ranks in RvR (realm vs realm) combat. Still other Tactics come from making discoveries in the open world, and earning them through the Tome of Knowledge. Here are some examples of the different tactics that players can learn:

    Career Tactics:

    Jagged Edge - "Any time you critically hit an enemy they will begin to bleed, suffering additional "x" damage over 9 seconds." This is a Marauder career tactic only.

    Rugged - "Increases Toughness by "x". This is a Black Orc career tactic only.

    Warped Flesh - "Any time you are struck in combat, there is a 25% chance that you will be surrounded by a barrier which absorbs X damage. Can only trigger once every 3 seconds." This tactic is available to all Chaos careers.

    Renown Tactics: Renown tactics are learned from Renown Trainers, and aptly cater to RvR combat. Examples are:

    Combat Awareness - Increases XP earned from RvR combat by 5%.

    Death Wish - Increases Critical Strike Chance when below half health.

    I Hates Stunties - Increases a Greenskins damage vs Dwarfs.

    Tome Tactics: Tome Tactics are tactics that are unlocked by making discoveries in the Tome of Knowledge.

    Harrier's Kin - Can Approach Animals 50% before engaging. Take 5% less damage from animals. Gain 50% more experience from animals.

    The other tome tactics follow this format, only instead of Animals it is humanoids, mythical creatures, undead, etc.

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    Tactics Sets

    As you progress through the ranks, you will gain the ability to equip more and more tactics at a time. You start off with one career tactic slot, one renown tactic slot, and one tome tactic slot. By rank 40 you unlock the ability to have four career tactics, two renown tactics, and one tome tactic in use at a time.

    There are, of course, more tactics than you can equip at a time, which is why there are tactics loadouts that you can use. Near the tactics bar on your user interface is an arrow. When clicked, it displays several bars in which you can put different sets of tactics. You cannot change tactics sets in battle, but you can choose which one you would like to use before entering any given situation.