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Warhammer Online: Chosen Class Guide

by: MD Weems ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The Chosen warriors of the Chaos armies are seriously brutal in battle and are formidable enemies on any battlefield. But, do you know enough about them to truly play one right? Now you will!

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    The Chosen

    This class is one heavily armored, mean spirited, blood thirsty monster that is just dying to be unleashed. When you choose to play this class, you need to know from the first that this is a male-only class. So, you won't be able to create some pretty female toon here - only a brutal, nasty dude.

    The Chosen is the tank for the Raven Host army and has some major melee damaging attacks and abilities that come along with their game play. The closest class that you will find in game is the Knight of the Blazing Sun, which are a lot prettier and nicer to play.

    But, for those who love the side of evil, here is your damage dealing class. The Chosen basically sacrificed themselves over to their Dark Gods centuries ago and now dedicate themselves completely to Tzeentch, who then rewards them with their massive strength, their awesomely dark armor, and their control over the winds of magic. While playing a Chosen, you'll find that you are constantly on the path of evil doing a quest or other deed for your gods to gain power in their eyes.

    While this class is the biggest physically for the Raven Host classes, they are also the main tank for any battle or group and can take a ton of damage as well. So, naturally, they are geared for this as well and you will play this class like the massive tank they are. The Chosen are able to use both one-handed and two-handed swords and shields (with one-handed weapons) to help them deal out the damage that they long for.

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    Special Abilities

    One of the main things that you'll do as a Chosen is to debuff your targets, such as using the Touch of Palsy to slow their movements or your Dizzying Blows to slow and stun them. This will help you and your group rain down attacks from either melee weapons or from DPS damage.

    One special ability that you will be known throughout the game for are your abilities to use aura spells. These can be both good and bad spells, depending on who your target is, and will help you and your allies win the fight by tipping the scales in your favor. These auras last for around 12 seconds, unless they are cancelled or another one is placed on that target. Learn the art of "twisting", which is where you are constantly taking an aura on or off a target that will "twist" them how you want them to react. By learning this - you'll find that you can win just about any fight you enter.

    In the next part of this guide, we'll talk about weapons, armor, and the mastery paths that you can choose as a Chosen.