Warhammer Online: Archmage Mastery Paths

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Path of Vaul

The Path of Vaul is a more subtle mastery that will have your Archmage focused on crippling their foes and buffing up their friends. For those that head down this path, you’ll find that your points will head into effects that will help to kill their enemies before they even know that you are doing it.

Here are some of the special skills and abilities that this path offers:

1. Radiant Gaze: this is an instant cast that will do some great DoT as it steals the mob’s ability to get a critical hit.

2. Rain Lord: this is another instant cast that will lower the ballistics, strength, and intelligence of the target within 30 of the blast. (This is a great crowd control to use in RvR play and in dungeons and other larger group settings.)

3. Law of Gold: while this isn’t an instant cast, it is a quick spell that will silence your target and do some DoT as well.

4. Scatter the Winds: this instant cast will do DoT and reduce the healing that the mob receives by 50%, so this is yet another must have for those in RvR combat where their healers will be working to heal everyone they see.

5. Mistress of the Marsh: this is a great AoE spell that will trap targets and lower their aggro. You can use this to help ranged attackers get their hits in before the mobs are upon you.

Path of Isha

The Path of Isha is for those who are more into the healing abilities of the Archmage. Those that take this path will find their healing powers go up, while they lose some of their power when it comes to DPS. This is a great way for those who love healing classes to go - or a great way to respec to get in a group you need.

Here are some of the special skills and abilities that this path offers:

1. Healing Energy: this is an instant spell that will heal your target and put a HoT (Heal over time) spell on them at the same time.

2.Transfer Force: this will put a DoT spell on your target and will also heal any friendly target that is currently hitting your target for any damage that they do.

3. Shield of Saphery: this is an instant cast that will put a damage absorption bubble over any friendly party member.

4. Funnel Essence: this is a channel spell which will heal the target over three seconds, and depending on your level with this spell, you can completely heal a friendly target over this time.

5. Magical Infusion: this is a great buff for RvR battles because it places a buff on the target that will increase all of the healing that he/she receives.

Path of Asuryan

The Path of Asuryan is the powerful, damage dealing side of the mastery paths that the Archmage can choose. This path will help you bring down the Winds of Magic on any foe that dares to stand in your way. Those that head down this path will become one strong DPS that any class will have a hard time dealing with.

Here are some of the special skills and abilities that this path offers:

1. Radiant Lance: this is a short spell that will deal out some good damage to your targeted mob.

2. Law of Conductivity: this is an instant DoT spell that does some great amounts of damage, especially as you level up.

3. Drain Magic: for those other casters that you come up against, this instant cast spell will help to remove their action points and deal some damage at the same time.

4. Fury of Asuryan: this is an instant cast spell that does some great damage asap to a target.

5. Feel the Winds: this is another instant cast that will reduce the spirit resistance of any target in a certain radius.


And, there you have it. The basics of the different paths that you can take with your Archmage in Warhammer Online. If you basically think of the Archmage as the “Paladin” of WAR, then you will have an easy time converting over to this class from World of Warcraft.