Warhammer Online: Archmage Class Guide

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The Archmage

This is the High Elven support class and the main DPS of any group. In the High Elf armies, the Archmages are those that can heal and call upon their centuries of training to pull down the might of the magical heavens upon their enemies and smash them. While paired up with the Goblin Shaman in WAR, these two classes only meet on the RvR battlefields. Those that have played Bright Wizards will find that the Archmage’s powers well exceed anything that they are used to, as they are able to use all of the Winds of Magic at one time, unlike their Human counterparts who can only use one.

Since this class is the mightiest magic weilder in the game, they are sought after for groups and RvR to help keep those other ranged classes off of the tanks and off-tanks and help to be a support healer when needed. This class uses “action point based” spells that will leave you stronger overall, instead of weaker, after you have used them. So, this is another great way that the Archmage builds upon their powers and health, by simply doing what they are meant to do.

Point Building

The Archmage will actually build up to five points in their High Magic as they are using damage dealing or healing spells in combat. The higher that their points go, to tougher spells they are able to deal out. As they cast damage dealing spells, the will gain High Magic Force points, and as they cast healing spells, they will gain High Magic Tranquility points. And, as you gain these points, both sides will earn bonuses from the other as you cast. For example, you’ll find that your High Magic will either gain in power by 5% or they will reduce your casting time by 20%. When you cast enough that you have used all of your points, they will reset to zero and you will have to start over. But, usually, you will already be done with your enemy and be headed on to the next anyway.

Mastery Paths for the Archmage

Just like the other career paths in Warhammer Online, the Archmage has the ability to place their points into three different paths that will determine which type of player they will be. These are the Path of Isha, the Path of Asuryan, and the Path of Vaul. In the next part of this Archmage class guide, we will go through the different masteries that you can take on as you level your Archmage in Warhammer Online, including what each path will help you with, and what types of skills and abilities you’ll gain from that path.