Effective Use of Morale Abilities

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Morale Abilities

Morale abilities are one of the many new features that Warhammer Online brings to the table. These abilities are more powerful than your normal skills, and there’s a reason - they can only be used at certain times. The way they work is fairly simple - as you fight, do damage, get hurt, heal, etc., there is a blue bar above your character portrait that will fill up. There are four ranks, and four corresponding morale abilities. The most powerful of these morale abilities are complete game changers - massive AoEs, huge group heals, overwhelming buffs. The basics are easy. What you do with them…well that’s a little trickier.

Using Morale Abilities

Using your morale abilities is fairly simple - at first. When you only have one to choose from, it’s a fairly simple process to activate it whenever your bar is full and the ability is cooled down. But once you start to accumulate more of your morale abilities, choosing which one to use becomes a tactical choice. In almost every case, your rank 2 morale is more powerful than your rank 1 morale, and your rank 3 more powerful than your rank 2, etc. But oftentimes you will have morale abilities that serve different functions - some are defensive, some are offensive, some are utility, etc. Keep in mind as well that it takes some time to reach the higher ranks of morale - and if you hold off on using your rank 1 so that you can get that earth-shattering rank 4, you may well be dead or the fight may be over before you can even use it.

Choosing Morale Abilties

Every class has a number of abilities that they can choose from to use as their morale ranks, and more can be learned from mastery trees. Choosing which ones to keep on your morale bar is a matter of preference and playstyle. I will use the engineer as an example: For rank one you have a choice of Point Blank (which is a mid-range damaging attack that knocks your enemy back) Concealment (allowing you to dodge or dispel all attacks for a short time) and Autoloader (which makes your action points regenerate 30% faster for a short time). Depending on whether you’re more concerned about killing your enemies or living long enough to get a shot off, you have a choice to make. All morale ranks are like this. Be sure to review and become familiar with all of your abilities - your ability to choose and use them is what makes or breaks you as a player.

Knowledge Really is Power

The basic idea behind morale abilities is fairly easy to grasp - it’s when you have to choose that it gets difficult. Make sure that you read the tooltips and practice at least a little bit with each one, even if it doesn’t sound particularly thrilling to you. You may find that a particular morale is more useful than you originally thought. Most of all, know your class, your strengths and weaknesses, and you will be able to use your morale abilities to their most devastating effect.