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Warhammer Online - The Difference Between Regular Quests and Public Quests

by: SP Clark ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Warhammer Online has many unique aspects to game play that make it a truly unique MMO. Most notably is the questing system, where players are able to choose between questing alone or with a few hundred people. Therefore, this guide details the difference between the two types of quests.

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    Introduction to Warhammer's Questing System

    Since it’s launch in 2008, Warhammer has been branded a leading MMO in many gaming communities. It’s truly unique questing system could be one of the reasons for such high recognition. With players having the option of completing quests on their own or taking part in Public Quests, Warhammer Online caters for both types of gamers. The below guide will give detailed instructions on how to enter these public quests, and will explain the benefits of both questing systems.

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    Gaining Quests

    Regular Quests – Simply talking to any NPC with a green symbol over his head will allow you to begin a quest. Once accepted, the red circle on your map will indicate where the quest objective is. Most regular quests involve killing, exploring and gathering objects. Talk to the NPC with an orange symbol over their head once completed.

    Public Quests – Waking into a Public Quest area will allow you to enter these. A warning will appear in the middle of the screen asking if you wish to join. Often the quest will already be in full swing by the time you reach it. Like normal quests, just simply follow the objectives to complete the quest chain.

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    Once You Have Your Quests

    Regular Quests – Questing within Warhammer Online is similar to any MMO. There is often an objective players need to complete to receive a reward. Quests are normally completed solo and are the ‘norm’ when it comes to leveling quickly.

    Public Quests – For a first timer, Public Quests can be a case of following everyone else; they take a bit of getting used to. They are presented in a chain, with the first quest being extremely easy (which can often be completed with just one or two people) and they gradually become harder as the objectives become ever more complicated. Most quests within the chain involve timers. You and your group will be asked to kill a certain amount of mobs/collect an item/protect areas all before the timer runs out. Players keep playing until a task is failed or the quest chain has ended.

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    Regular Quests – You will be informed before you start a quest what the rewards will be. Often for regular quests, players will receive gold and perhaps an item, depending on the difficulty of the task. All loot is distributed to the player who completed the quest.

    Public Quests – Once a Public Quest is completed, all who toke part will be eligible for a quest reward. Each player will be randomly assigned a number, and the highest numbers from the group will receive the loot. Many players complained that ‘random distribution’ was unfair, so other factors are taking into consideration in order to even up the process.

    One of these factors is that players now have their number boosted judged on their participation. These are designed to put the hard-working players in a stronger position. This makes the loot distribution slightly less random, however someone who has contributed the most can still walk away empty handed with a low original roll. Fortunately, players who have participated in the previous Public Quest will be awarded 100 extra pointes when they return for another Public Quest.

    Loot from Public Quests varies. The rewards are distributed in ‘Loot Bags’ that often contain money, gear and crafting items. The list below explains each color of bag:

    White - Minor Loot Bag (contains a Normal item)

    Green - Lesser Loot Bag (contains a Green item)

    Blue - Greater Loot Bag (contains a Green and a Blue item)

    Purple - Major Loot Bag (contains a Blue and a Green item)

    Gold - Massive Loot Bag (contains a Blue item, a Purple item and a Class set piece)

    Bags often also contain money. Players are allowed to choose one item contained within their given bag, but can choose the money if they so wish.

    Once a Public Quest has been completed, a new one will start minutes later!