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Warhammer Online - The Best Ways to Gain Gold

by: SP Clark ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Getting your hands on gold can often prove difficult. With most MMO’s now centering their game-play on in-game economy, the pressure to attain the shiny stuff can prove too much for some. Therefore, this guide explains the easiest ways to make gold within Warhammer Online.

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    Unfortunately making gold within Warhammer Online can be a struggle. Due to its MMO nature, there are no ‘Sim style’ cheat codes and you can’t make thousands by braking bricks. Simply put, the game was purposely designed so that players had to work hard to gain their gold, and to this day this is still the case. However, following the below guide will allow you to grind your gold a lot faster than before and will leave you feeling satisfied with your days work.

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    Like most games of this style, questing is the fastest and most efficient way to gain gold. Within Warhammer, there are two ways to quest:

    Questing on your own – This is the best way to quest if you are looking for cash. You maintain all the rewards for your effort and you can work at them at your own pace. Quests often give items as well as gold, meaning you receive a little bonus on top of the original gold received.

    Group Questing – If you get lucky, this may bring you a tidy profit. However, for the majority of us, this will only lead in small amounts of gold being made. They provide great relief to a player who has become bored with solo questing, but if you’re looking to make serious cash, regular questing is the route to take.

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    The Auction House

    Many players brag about ‘playing’ the Auction House. This basically refers to the age-old process of buying low, selling high. This is something that these players have perfected over months, which often requires extensive knowledge of item’s average prices. If this seems like too much work, you can start of by memorizing the average price of a few popular items. For example, when you are listing an item you wish to sell, you may come across the same item that appears extremely cheap. Bid on it and see how it goes. If you get lucky then sell it on for a more respectable price. Rinse and repeat and you’ll be making gold in no time!

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    It’s the word no one who needs money fast wants to hear. Unfortunately, like most things in life, you have to work for what you want. Killing the same mobs over and over again in the same area may seem like hell to you, but it will eventually bring in cash. Unlike other moneymaking tactics, this one allows you to see your progress, and eventually you will get a feeling for how much gold you can make in an hour. Just find a good, unpopulated spot and begin!

    To prevent your soul being destroyed too fast, try and have the T.V or radio on for company.

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    Buying Gold

    If you’re looking for serious amounts of gold for minimal effort, then buying it is the best option. However, buying gold is not permitted by Warhammer Online and may result in an account ban. It’s also a serious infringement on your own security, with many of these sites being run my fraudulent sellers. For all you players that are too busy to grind gold, then this may be the only option for advancement in the game. Just remember to be careful and use it only as a last resort.

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    Making gold in any MMO can be tough. Overtime, you will figure out which of the above tactics works best for you. For the satisfaction, I would recommend questing or grinding. Seeing your gold slowly rise can be rewarding. However, if you take the ‘hands-off’ approach to gaming, then working the Auction House may suit you best. But no matter which option you choose, you will be guaranteed to be making gold in no time!