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Warhammer Online - Advancement System

by: SP Clark ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The achievement system within Warhammer Online is one that has been branded unique. This guide will give a detailed explanation to all aspects of the system and informs you on how to use it to its maximum potential.

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    With most MMO’s, the player has to ‘ding’ a several times to achieve their max level or rank. However, the Warhammer Online advancement system is slightly different. Not only do players have to deal with gaining ranks, they also have to engage in RvR (Realm versus Realm) to gain Realm Ranks. Also, as if having two systems is not enough, there is the Tome of Knowladge advancement system that needs to be looked into. This guide will explain the three main aspects of the Advancement System in Warhammer Online.

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    Experience Advancement System

    The max rank that can be achieved via leveling in Warhammer Online is 40. As expected, Career Trainers need to be visited after every advancement. You gain experience through many ways, including questing (both Normal and Public Questing). Each Rank becomes more difficult than the next.

    Players will advance through 4 tiers of game play. The first ten ranks (1 to 11) will be classed as Tier 1, and this pattern continues until Rank 40 is achieved. Tiers determine internal relations such as player’s teammates in Public Quests and gear.

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    Renown Advancement System

    Gaining renown in Warhammer Online is similar to gaining experience, but can only be achieved by taking part in Player versus Player combat. The maximum renown rank is 80. The easiest way to gain a strong rank is by taking part in Scenarios, which can be done by clicking the button on the mini map. Each renown rank provides you with a renown point, and these can be spent at renown trainers to improve character’s abilities.

    Gaining high renown also gives players the chance to get their hands on new gear. The gear requires not only a specific career ranks but also a specific renown rank, making both systems important. Renown gear is helpful in both aspects of the game.

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    Tome of Knowledge Advancement System

    This is often over-looked by many players, but can provide most with a great advantage over their enemies. Much like the newly added Achievment System in World of Warcraft, the Tome of Knowleadge advancement system rewards players for their progression through the world. By simply exploring different monsters and areas, player will slowly fill up their Tome with information. The fuller the Tome of Knowledge, the better!

    The Tome itself is divided into 10 different sections shown below:

    Introduction - Shows a brief summary of what you've done in game.

    Quests - Lists all the character's current quests.

    WAR Story - This section contains 4 storylines and chapters.

    Achievement – Lists the achievements and discoveries unlocked.

    Rewards - Contains Titles, Cards, Tactics, and Items.

    History & Lore – Information on opposing realms and races.

    Noteworthy Persons – A list of important NPCs.

    Bestiary – Information on Mobs.

    Armory – Information on Armory sets.

    Live Events - Section for live events throughout the year.

    Working at these will be rewarding for your character in many ways, including experience and abilities.