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Warhammer Online - How to Create a Free Trial

by: SP Clark ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Everyone loves free stuff. That’s why the creators of Warhammer Onlne have made it possible for potential players of the game to try it out for free. This guide details how to use the friend recruitment system and allows you to gain the maximum possible free playtime.

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    With most paid MMO’s come the offer of free game play, which is mostly presented in the form of free trials. With Warhammer Online, we players are offered to take part in the on running ‘recruit a friend’ program. This allows both the ‘friend’ and referrer free game time. With Warhammer Online only being a relatively new game, this allows for more players to start playing the game, and also gives you a few days of game play for free, which everyone loves!

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    The Recruit a Friend Program

    As the name suggests, this program’s main purpose is to pull more players into Warhammer Online. When a player begins their Warhammer adventure, they will notice that within the account management section they have opportunities to recruit friends to the game. It is up to the player whether or not these are used, but they most certainly should be considered.

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    Advantages for the Recruiter

    A player who is already playing Warhammer online begins with three opportunities to recruit friends. They come in the form of emails containing codes that are designed for sending to friends and family. If someone you send your code to accepts the invitation to start playing then the Recruiter will be rewarded. They will receive 1-month free game play, which is a good deal in anyone’s eyes. The Recruiter can do this up to 3 times in their first month of game play, and for every month afterwards they will be allowed to recruit one friend per month.

    This means that if a player does this correctly, they can go through many consecutive months of not having to pay to play. If, however, you have sent invitations out to all the potential gamers in your life and you have some free, then the Internet can become your best friend. Simply post your codes in a relevant place online and if anyone accepts then, you will be notified and given free game play.

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    Advantages for the Recruited

    If someone sends you an invite to begin playing, or you have gotten your hands on a code from online, then you will be rewarded also. Every new player who has been recruited through the system will be given 7 days free game play. Now, this does not compare to the 10 days offered by many other MMO’s (including the all mighty World of Warcraft), but it will allow you to gain a feel for the game without having to pay a dime. No one can complain with that.

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    More Advantages

    When the game is purchased, any new player will receive the first month of game play free. This is yet another great feature, and unlike the 7 days free, this offer does actually compare to most other MMO’s introductory offers. You will, however, be asked to enter your billing details before this offer activates. Although this is not a problem if you wish to start playing the game seriously, and since the game is already purchased then it will be worth your while to see how it performs.

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    Unfortunately, with Warhammer being less than a year old, there are no official offers of free game play that don’t involve the friend recruitment system. However, with benefits for both new players and the current player, the system cannot be flawed. That is if you don’t mind the system being based on gaining more subscribers, of course.