Review of Warhammer: Battle March - An interesting addition to the Warhammer game world

Review of Warhammer: Battle March - An interesting addition to the Warhammer game world
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An Introduction to Warhammer

If you play the original Warhammer game then I can only assume that you own a whole bunch of tiny little figures of elves, orks and Chaos marines that you have spent hours hand painting after you glued them together. For those of us who don’t want to spend 200 dollars on the starter army in a box and can’t bear the stigma of playing a dice-based game you don’t find in a casino, there is Battle March.

Ok, maybe that was a bit harsh on the table-top gamers but the bottom line is that Battle March is a good way to get the real experience without a large investment or a place to store your terrain.

The Storyline and Gameplay (3 out of 5)

In this game you are given various tasks to complete and a preset-sized army to get the job done with. In between each of the missions that you have, you will have a chance to restock with more battle fodder. In addition you get to level in a style very similar to what you would expect from an RPG, so even if your army stays the same size, you can still increase your strength. Then again, since Battle March is an expansion from the Mark of Chaos, the fact that it follows that format is no surprise at all.

Of course this expansions claim to fame is the edition of the green peoples and the dark ones. In less poetic terms that means orcs and goblins for the green skins and dark elves.

In this expansion pack you get into the big green shoes of the Ork Gorbash and you begin your preparations for war. As you may have guessed, the Orks are not running the show themselves - they are being coerced and manipulated by the Dark Elves. I can safely tell you without spoiling too much of the plot that you will be helping the Dark Elves with their most evil of plans. Their end goal is nothing less then genocide. On the bright side you will also be playing some time as a Dark Elf.

Diffaculty (3 out of 5)

Even though this is all about the big scale battles, it is pretty critical for you to know that you will be looking at a game that makes the assumption out the gate that you know what is going on. There is no accounting for any learning curve. If you are new to the Warhammer world, you had better be a very quick study. Expect to use your Ork’s for heavy missions and the Elves for things that require a bit more than a bash job. All in all no matter what your stated mission is, your job is pretty much the same: Kill all of your enemies while keeping your units alive to fight another day.

Final Thoughts

Unless you are pretty big into the Warhammer world then this expansion may not be worth your time and money to play. Overall you will not find anything in this title that you can’t get somewhere else - unless you really want the Ork skins.