Free Warhammer Online Black Orc Guide: Mastery Trees, Abilities, and Tactics

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An Overview of the Black Orc

Before you head into playing one, you should know what you’re getting into. The Black Orc is the tank for the armies of the Bloody Sun Boyz and the front line defense as well. Even though they are the toughest of the Greenskins, they are still able to take on the most damage and wear the most heavy of armor to help defeat the enemy, the Oathbearers. While there are no other classes that truly compare to the damage and the armor that the Black Orc has, the closest is the High Elven Swordmaster.

The Black Orc is the definition of a dirty fighter as they have their fair share of dirty tricks that they can use in combat. Some of them include tripping their opponent, stunning them, or disabling their weapons or fighting abilities. But, to this career, winning is everything and losing is nothing, so they employ everything that they can to win the fight.

Black Orc Mastery Trees

Just like any of the career paths in Warhammer Online, the Black Orcs have three different mastery trees that you can choose from. The three that are available to the Black Orcs are: the Path of Da Brawler, the Path of Da Toughest, and the Path of Da Boss. The Path of the Brawler is basically used to improve your “choppin'” skills. Those who master this path are able to use their massive choppa’s to do so major damage, and they don’t use shields or other defensive options – just their choppa. The Path of Da Toughest is basically the path that allows the Black Orc to truly test and expand their wisdom so that they can use a shield and take on more damage. This path focuses on living after the fight as well as winning it. The Path of Da Boss is the mastery that allows the Black Orc to yell and shout battle cries and other buffs that will help their friends and scare their enemies. This path is for those that love extra buffs on their tanks and know how to use them.

It is all personal choice here on which mastery tree you choose. Each will offer different perks and performance abilities that you can choose from and they all cater to different playing styles. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, then I would suggest that you take the time to check out more in-depth information on each one before you choose so you don’t end up spending your hard earned gold to relearn them later on.

Black Orc Abilities & Tactics

There are plenty of great abilities with fun names for the Black Orc to use in combat. While some are sure to change with patches and expansions of the game, we’ll go through some of them here to show you the strength of this career type.

Some of the main actions that you’ll have as a Black Orc include the Swing, Throw, Reverberation, Guard, “I Means It!”, Upside Your Head, Da Challenge, and the Tendon Ripper. Most of these attacks are generally designed in do major damage to your opponent quickly, and the rest are designed to keep you from getting hit.

Some of the main tactics that you’ll have access to as a Black Orc include: “Dat Was Awesome”, “Guud Wift Shield”, Tough and meaty, “I Hates Stunties”, and “Now DAT’s a Choppa”. All of these tactics are designed to improve your abilities to fight and defend yourself and do even more damage to those who have the nerve to fight you.