Warhammer Online: Knight of the Blazing Sun Class Overview - Sneak Peek of the Knight Of The Blazing Sun Character Class for WAR

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The Lore Behind the Knight of the Blazing Sun

Deeply devoted to the cult of Myrmidia, the Goddess of warfare, the Knights of the Blazing Sun are a special order of templars that protect their allies and fight for the good of the land. The original Knights of the Blazing Sun were founded in 1457 during the Crusades, when a special group of Imperial knights were saved from death in a street fight against a group of Arabians in Estalia. They were saved when a mysterious tremor in the Earth caused a huge statue of Myrmidia to fall from a nearby temple roof and land on the opposing general and his body guard, which killed them. When the battle was over, the remaining knights banded together and formed the Knights of the Blazing Sun in Myrmidia’s honor.

In the game, the order has spread throughout the Empire, becoming one of the most highly regarded elite fighting forces in the land. But, unlike real life templar orders, these Knights travel the land alone instead of in groups, always seeking out challenges and tests. This class is extremely well skilled in armor and weapons, which makes them the cornerstone tanking class for the High Elves. They help to serve as advisors throughout the game to the High Elven armies and leaders, using their tactical skills to help place reinforcements throughout the lands.

Knight of the Blazing Sun Skills and Abilities

Since little is still known about this class and what all it will be able to do in the way of their specialties and masteries, there is a basic overview of what the class will be capable of. As of October 2008, the Knight of the Blazing Sun’s skills and abilities will be designed to protect and aid their friends and allies instead of weakening their enemies, but this could change before the class is released in December. While they will not be as proficient in armor as the Black Orc or Ironbreaker, they will have a great skill in armor, which will allow them to wear some of the highest ranking protection in the game. They will also be able to rely on their armor skills to help them protect their friends in the game and to save themselves as well.

When you choose to play this class, you should be about to engage in “battlefield command”, which is a special skill that has not been completely confirmed yet. This special skill will call all of your allies within earshot to you and allow them to hear the orders over the sounds of battle and follow these orders immediately. This will help to increase their survivial rating, especially in larger battles or RvR battles where your allies might be on losing ground. While this is the only special skill that has been talked about for the Knight of the Blazing Sun, there are sure to be more that will help them provide protection and aid them in battle.


The Knight of the Blazing Sun sounds like a truly unique class and personally, I can’t wait to try it out. A tank class that can provide help and protection to allies, take on a main tank role or take on a protection and direction role from the sidelines, or just travel the lands seeking adventure - sounds like fun to me.