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The Bloody Sun Boyz

In Warhammer Online, the Bloody Sun Boyz, or the Greenskins, are the evil counterparts to the Dwarven Oathbearers. These massive, hulking people are in a constant battle against the dwarves for their lands and all that lie in it. Led by the huge Black Orc Grumlok and the powerful Goblin Shaman, Gazbag, the Bloody Sun Boyz are constantly in a struggle against the dwarves from Mount Bloodhorn to the Black Crag.

The Black Orc

The Black Orc is the main tanking career in the Bloody Sun Boyz. This monstrous creature can take and deal out some massive damage to anyone that they come up against. Their power and strength make them the leaders of the Bloody Sun Boyz, and has them rising to the tops of the social ranks quicker than other Greenskins.

In Warhammer Online, the only other career that is close in strength and the melee abilities is the Swordmasters of the High Elves. While they have a huge melee ability that comes with both taking and dealing out damage, they really have no long range attack that they can count on. While they can “lob” their “choppa” at an enemy, this does not do anywhere near the amounts of damage that a single hit can do.

The Squig Herder

The Squig Herder is the Goblin form of the Greenskin Bloody Sun Boyz that thrives in WAR. With their squigs by their sides, they are able to do some great damage from afar with their bow and even more up close with their spear. But, when they unleash their squigs on their enemies, they can do so much damage that many people run the other way.

One of the cool things about a Squig Herder is that they can learn to control several different types of these monsters: a normal squig, a horned squig, the spiked squig, the gas squig, or the battle squig. The cool thing about the battle squig is that once you summon it, it eats you and you then control it from the inside of this massive creature. The downside to the Squig Herder is that they can do nowhere near the melee damage that the Black Orc can and they have no healing abilities.

The Shaman

The Shaman is another Goblin form of the Greenskins in the Bloody Sun Boyz. These are also the support/healer branch of this race and wield some awesome power. They use their magic to their disposal, healing and buffing friends and allies, while doing damage with their dark magic through the Greenskin Gods, Mork and Gork. While the Shaman is not a great melee damage dealer, they can learn to master great skills and abilities that will allow them to wipe enemies from afar.

The downside to this career path is that they cannot take much melee damage at all, which makes them better off in a group with stronger allies that can protect them, which they protect and heal the stronger in the group.

In The End

So, now you have an idea of the different types of Greenskins that you can play in Warhammer Online. While the Bloody Sun BOyz do not have a DPS type of career path, their is one that may be released in a later version of the game, the Choppa. But, for now, these three career paths will offer anyone who longs to beat the daylights out of their enemies a great place to start.