Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Tips & Hints: Locating Treasures

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Tips & Hints: Locating Treasures
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Treasure finding hints & tips

  • A Golden toothpick can be found after you have viewed the cut-scene inside the smashed plane and eliminated all the pirate-scum that are there is stop you, just go through the gate and turn right. This one is easy once you find it, but for some reason is often not found.
  • A Silver bird vessel is found once you have made it past the exploded jeep and the adrenalin-filled rockface area, instead of turning left and battling the pirates, go to the right by the trees on the cliff edge and you will find a Silver bird vessel.
  • A Silver jaguar can be found once you finish the courtyard fight in the beginning part of Chapter 5 (and grabbing the Strange Relic), near the pile of garbage, just look in the lookout tower and you will find a Silver jaguar.
  • A Golden spoon is located in the tunnel with the machine gunner at the end, move forward on the right and you should find a gun to help you eliminate the pirate you will encounter before you can have the Golden spoon.
  • You will find a Spanish silver coin once you have the keys from the tower, and have finished the gunfight that follows. Once you have finished taking out the enemy, go over by the left of the gate and you will see a Spanish silver coin shining in the sun.
  • A decorative silver ring can be found at the beginning of Chapter 8, following the elimination of the pirates on the cliff, and the gun batte that follows, just look to the right a little and you will find the decorative silver ring.
  • To find a jeweled golden brooch head downstairs, not forwards, at the start of Chapter 10, and you should see the jeweled golden brooch hidden away in a corner.
  • You can find a Spanish gold coin after you miss the boat; you will come to a set of two staircases. The game wants you to go left, instead head up the right stairway, and you should find the Spanish gold coin on the right, on the other side of the doorway.
  • A Golden turtle is found by jumping in the water at the beginning of Chapter 13 and swimming to the other side of the waterwheel. The Golden turtle will be sitting on a ledge, waiting to be found.
  • You can find a Silver Inca cup after the grotesque and rather blood-thirsty scene involving the trap made with parts from your own wrecked airplane. Take a look under the steps and you will find a Silver Inca cup just resting there waiting to be found, expect to get wet socks though.
  • You can find a Golden Inca vessel at the beginning of Chapter 14, you’ll be keeping your eyes forward looking for danger that often appears, instead turn right, and you will find a Golden Inca vessel on the ledge next to the steps you must descend.
  • A Silver snuff box can be found after you’ve found the golden skull, just open the gate and head up the stairs. You’ll see pirates lounging around, before eliminating them, walk left and grab the Silver snuff box, and then you can kill them, if you must.
  • You will find the Gold Inca figurine hidden from view by the long grass right at the beginning of Chapter 15. Look in the corner to the right of the staircase, you will have to scrounge around a bit here to find it, but you should be taking your time while playing Uncharted anyway.
  • You will find the Golden Inca mask when you’re in the graveyard after the sniping bit. It will be hidden to the right of the building with the vault attached to it.
  • The golden SeaDragon pendant can be found once you have almost reached the end of the adventure. Once you’ve finished introducing the mutants and guards to your shotgun, just climb the big boxes sitting just to the wall, and jump across to the golden SeaDragon pendant.


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