How to Be Invincible in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

How to Be Invincible in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
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Your First Step

Unlike other games that have hidden cheats and easy workarounds if you know where to find them, Uncharted 2 makes you work for your prizes. Thus, you won’t find a cheat code on the back of the box or online. You’ll have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

Once you’ve got that mentality, things become a lot easier. You’ll start working for your prizes from the ground up, and once you’ve achieved the treasures and combat points, you can work on becoming invincible.

Collect All Treasures

If you want to know how to be invincible in Uncharted 2, you’ll have to collect all 101 hidden treasures, which are located in temples, foliage, creek beds and statues all over the landscape. Treasures, which are all patterned after Mongolian, Marco Polo-era artifacts, are sometimes hidden in plain view and other times hidden off the beaten path.

Look for treasures only after you’ve cleared all enemies in an area. Backtrack if necessary to make sure you haven’t missed looking in the nooks and crannies on every side of your trail.

To collect a treasure, look for the blinking light it emits periodically. It shines a little like the weapons you can pick up after killing the enemy, only brighter.

Earn All Combat Trophies

Invincibility comes with a price. That price dictates that you get so many kills and so many headshots with each type of weapon in the

Uncharted 2 Fighting


Trophies come in three levels: bronze, silver and gold. Bronze trophies are easily achieved; most trophies in the game are bronze-level. These include most of the “100 headshots with any weapon,” “50 kills with a Dragon Sniper Rifle,” and so forth. There are 21 weapons total in the arsenal, but two of these, like Chloe’s .45 Defender (not to be mistaken with the .45 Defender found in the beginning of the game) and Eddy’s Golden Gun (this is Eddy Raja’s gun, found in the first Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune game).

Silver trophies include finishing the easy level of the game, killing 75 enemies in a row without getting shot and killed and achieving several hand-to-hand combat feats.

There are only three gold trophies. These dictate that you finish the normal, hard and crushing levels of the game. You have to earn them in order, so you can’t try hard without finishing normal, and you can’t try crushing without finishing the hard level.

Select Appropriate Gameplay Tweaks

Under the Bonuses menu, you can select two gameplay elements that will help you know how to be invincible in Uncharted 2. The first one is Infinite Ammo mode. This means you’ll never have to run and collect ammunition; it will replenish on its own.

The second, and probably the most important, is the one-shot kills mode. It almost doesn’t matter if you have Infinite Ammo turned on if you have one-shot kills, as you likely won’t run out. Turn on the infinite mode only if you don’t feel like going around and collecting ammunition.


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