Uncharted 2 Walkthrough Guide: Desperate Times and Broken Paradise

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough Guide: Desperate Times and Broken Paradise
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Uncharted 2 Walkthrough

Many aspects of Uncharted 2 are self-explanatory as you pass through each section. But the battle scenes described in this guide have the highest likelihood of getting you killed time after time and sending you back to repeat yourself once more.

This Uncharted 2 walkthrough will coach you in where you need to go and which weapons you need to defeat enemies and progress to the next step.

Desperate Times

In “Desperate Times,” which is chapter six in the lineup, the friend-again, foe-again Chloe joins back up with Nate to help him shoot down mercenaries. At this point, you’re in the heart of the city fighting in front of a temple structure. You’ll be dumped out behind a truck with an FN-FAL rifle and a .45 Defender.

Your job is to silently kill the man inside the truck. Creep up behind the truck and hit the “square” button to stealth kill him. Jump into the truck and get the RPG. Stay crouched down as long as possible before assessing your next target.

Several mercenaries will flood out of the temple in front of you. Wait until they cluster together, then fire the RPG.

Pick up a rifle, either an AK-47 or an FN-FAL, and make your way to the sandbags where Chloe has taken cover. Collect the grenades sitting on top of the sandbags and launch them into more clusters of mercenaries in the temple. Try to take headshots with your rifle, as ammo is not plentiful until you kill lots of enemies.

If you need to zoom in on your target, click the right toggle button. This will focus in on the target more. The focus will go off after you take the shot.

Once you’ve killed most of the temple dudes, advance past the sandbags and behind one of the statues in front of the temple. Pick enemies off one by one, either with your pistol or with brutal combos.

As you make your way into the temple, more enemies will show up on the right and shoot through the opening. Throw grenades into the truck that appears so you can commandeer the turreted machine gun, effectually killing off the rest of the enemies.

Broken Paradise, Part 1

This part of the Uncharted 2 walkthrough investigates how you can kill the Guardians that are safekeeping the entrance to the Tree of

Broken Paradise Part 1


When you enter the “Broken Paradise” chapter, you’ll have very little weaponry. You’ll have Elena and Chloe to keep you company, but their shots do no good against the Guardians, so you cannot rely on them for help.

You have only a few weapon options available: AK-47’s, perhaps a pistol, and grenades. Go to the dead end of the temple area and collect the four grenades that are stashed in the right corner. Pick up any AK-47 ammo you find along the way, but realize that the AK-47 does little good against a Guardian.

Jump the rock and up to the ledge in this dead end. Hang off the ledge and wait for the Guardians to jump onto the balcony opposite you.

Broken Paradise, Part 2

Broken Paradise Part 2

Launch two grenades in quick succession as soon as the Guardians get to the ledge, or you’ll miss your chance. Don’t bother shooting, as you’ll just waste ammo.

If you killed one of the Guardians, wait until the other Guardian leaves the ledge, then jump across to collect the dead Guardian’s crossbow. Kill the other Guardian with this crossbow, then collect his ammo.

Now a super-Guardian will appear from the entrance to the Tree of Life. He only dies with crossbow ammo, so make every shot count. You’ll have to do a lot of running around in aimless directions to evade him. Try to work your way up to a ledge for a downward shot. Otherwise, stay out of his view until you can get a few direct upward shots.

This Guardian will likely take two to three crossbow shots to die.

Tree of Life

The “Tree of Life” chapter represents the last – and probably the most difficult – battle in Uncharted 2. This section of the Uncharted

Tree of Life

2 walkthrough will show you how to kill Lazarevic so you can get past the Tree of Life to the end of the game.

When you begin the scene, you’ll be dumped out into a room full of explosive blue resin. Your job is to lead Lazarevic around the resinous areas and detonate them with a shot from your pistol or M4.

Before you go on, realize that it will do you no good to shoot him with your guns! Even grenades have little impact.

You’ll again be running around aimlessly. Whatever you do, don’t step into the blue pool of resin, or you’ll die.

You must shoot Lazarevic near the resin 12-15 times at least. After a succession of three to four successful blasts, the camera will focus in on him and he’ll say something like “Don’t stand in the way of destiny” or “You think you can stop me?!” These are a sign of success.

After he says something the second and third times, he’ll launch countless grenades at you. You must run as quickly as you can away from the grenades and again shoot him near the resin. After the final three to four explosions, he’ll finally die.

Upon completing this section, you’ll go through a cutscene, be forced to run across a crumbling bridge, then reach another cutscene. This scene ends the game. It’s rather abrupt, but it’s a great relief after a harrowing battle with Lazarevic.


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