Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception for PS3: What's Coming for Gamers

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception for PS3: What's Coming for Gamers
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Nathan Drake’s treasure-hunting forte has always been in the fabled department. Rarely does he go after treasure that any real human could get their hands on. “Uncharted 3” might be his deception, but it’s no exception.

Drake’s target this time? Atlantis of the Sands. Story has it that this underground city, located somewhere near Oman, is home to countless riches and treasure beyond man’s wildest dreams. No wonder Drake and his buddies are so intent on finding it.

But every good story has an antagonist. In the first game, it was the likes of Eddie Raja, Navarro and Gabriel Roman. In the second game, Lazarevic lasts until the end fight as Drake’s arch nemesis while his old pal, Harry Flynn, is killed off earlier as a result of betraying Drake.

But the “Uncharted 3” villain is an entire secret organization, much like the Skull and Bones Society or Knights Templar. Their main goal is to keep Drake and Sully from reaching the Atlantis of the Sands, and they have no compunction against hiring mercenaries to kill them off before finding their goal.

Game Concerns

Although the story doesn’t all take place in the same chunk of land (some take place in a French chateau), Naughty Dog says that nearly half of the game might take place in the desert. Unfortunately, that conjures some concerns.

If you played “Uncharted 2,” you’ll remember how long it took Drake to follow his Mongolian friend through the bitter mountains of Mongolia. All you did was walk, walk, walk with no end in sight. It’s quite possible that gamers will revisit this scenario – only this time, it will be in scorching heat.

Furthermore, there’s some concern to be had where the “deception” part comes in. The head of the secret organization, who is unnamed as yet, promises that he’ll literally make Nate’s worst fears come true. If so, gamers might find themselves stuck in scenes of mental limbo where Nate may or may not be experience so-called real life.


“Uncharted 3” looks to be superb where gameplay is concerned. Reviewers have already experienced the amazing graphic imagery that only Naughty Dog can develop, so we’ll get to look forward to amazing graphics – that much is certain.

Drake in France

Gamers will also enjoy the new tactics Nate employs. Evidently, backward climbing and drop-stealth attacks are new on the agenda. Where Batman could drop on enemies unnoticed in “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” Nate has yet to do the same. But we all know he’s plenty capable.

Players will also have fun with some new weaponry. Sure, the old favorites like the .45 Defender and AK-47 are still options, but we’ll also play with more illegal types. For instance, one of the weapons is really called a “Sawed Off Shotgun.”


Drake in the Desert

You can almost touch the realism just by watching the many previews for the game. The sound has much improved, even down to hearing the clink of the .45 Defender slide as it ejects a used shell and chambers the next round.

Drake and Sully also have more difficulty with terrain. Where Nate could easily scour flames, bricks, walls and whatever else blocked his path, a burning building proves more difficult. You can see the two of them doubled over with obvious breathing difficulties in some shots while they have to help each other over stairs and ledges in others.

Whatever the game holds, it’s sure to be heads and shoulders above most others. At the very least, it won’t be a disappointment.


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