The Witcher Walkthrough - Act 1: Side Quests - Trophies

The Witcher Walkthrough - Act 1: Side Quests - Trophies
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Killing Nadir: The Monster of the Lake

You can get this quest by talking to the Royal Huntsman at his camp by the inn. He’ll point out 2 monsters with big bounties on their heads. Nadir is one of them. This monster of the lake can be found by the mill. Walk along the shore past the mill around midnight. You should be attacked by a few drowners and one larger drowned dead called Nadir.

This isn’t actually too tough of a fight. Just smack Nadir around with a few strong style hits. This monster dies pretty quick. Then just clean up the rest of the drowners so that you can loot in peace.

Search Nadir and grab the head as your trophy. You can then hurry over to the Royal Huntsman to turn it in for a 200 oren reward.

Killing Ozzrel: The King of the Crypt

This is technically only given after you kill Ozzrel. The quest doesn’t show up when the Royal Huntsman talks about a monster in the crypt killing people. I assume that it’s a bug.

Regardless, you have to take care of a few things first. You’ll need to complete Mikul’s quest “Buried Memories” first. After you clear out the first group of ghouls and report back to Mikul, a group of guards will try to do a little bit of grave robbing. It doesn’t go so well for them, but they still clear away all of those boulders that were blocking your way into the main crypt.

You will definitely need to drink a Cat potion for this one. Just take a minute and brew one up. Triss should have given the formula to you at some point, or you could just read some of The Witcher potion guides available. Drink one before you go into the crypt. Walk all the way back and into the new wing of the crypt. There will be a few more ghouls back here. If you already have the beastiary entry, then remember to collect their blood for Kalkstein. You will eventually come to the main crypt. It will be pretty obvious when you get to it. It’s a large room and one of the only ones that doesn’t require an Aard sign to get to. Save and rest for a moment. This is actually a pretty tough fight.

You will probably want to drink a Swallow potion, oil up your sword, or do anything to boost your power a bit. You’ll need a little something extra to survive this one. Ozzrel is a tough Alghoul. These guys are still going to be a pain next Act, so take him seriously now. Just hammer away at him with strong style. Your best strategy is to survive until you can get him down to about 25% health. It seems like he goes into a rage then. The trick is to hit Ozzrel with Aard. If you manage to knock him down, you should be able to pull off a finisher and bring a swift end to the battle. Grab his head and loot this last chamber. You’ve earned it.

Hand the head over to the Royal Huntsman for another 200 gold.

Dead Hand of the Past

This one is actually a really easy quest to miss. Declan Leuvaarden gives out this quest, but he takes a few days to actually come to the inn in the outskirts. If you don’t make a return trip, then you might not catch him there. Talk to this large noble once he makes it to the inn. He’ll usually sit at one of the large tables close to the fistfighting area.

One of his friends went missing in a nearby cave. He wants you to either rescue him or bury him. Make sure that you clarify a proper burial site. Declan should mention that the crypt below the church would be suitable.

The Witcher - The King of the Wild Hunt Decides to Drop in to Say Hi

This is a fairly tough mission. You need to go to the cave in the far northwest of the map. You’ll even get a special warning outside about the danger that you sense within. There are 8 echinopsae inside. Save before you go inside, since this can go really bad really quickly. There’s not much else to do though. Head inside the cave and charge the first echinops. Slash it with a few strong style attacks. Stick close to it and maintain your focus. You just have to hope that the other echinopsae don’t hit you from afar.

Cut through the few echinopsae by the entrance. Don’t advance too far, or you’ll just trigger more. Push into the other half of the cave and just keep slashing. You should be able to cut a path through to the main echinops at the back of the cave. Kill it and wait for the remains to spawn. Loot its body for a skull and some remains. Take them and make a hasty retreat from the cave.

You don’t have to report back into Declan. Just go to the Reverend. If you’ve already lit the holy fires, then he’ll give in and mention that there’s an open spot below the chuch. The doors will briefly be unlocked, so go into the actual church. You can loot some wine from the altar if you want. Go downstairs and activate the sarcophagus. Drag the remains in to end this part of the quest.

It’s not that easy though. The King of the Wild Hunt shows up to have a word with Geralt. You can talk your way out of a fight, but that’s pointless. There’s no reward. Taunt him into a fight. He’ll bring forth Leo’s spirit, who apparently blames you for his death. He’ll attack. Leo is a moderately difficult opponent. You should be at full health though, so just start landing combos and defeat him. You can then collect a piece of red meteorite ore from his remains.

She’s No Early Bird

This one is a fairly simple quest. You will have to talk to Vesna Hood before this quest becomes available. Just talk to her at some point in the bar. Head back to the inn at night to see a group of thugs waiting outside for Vesna.

You can just ignore her plight. She’ll fight the thugs and they’ll kill her. You can also draw your sword and attack the thugs outside and help her kill them. This is the only way to start the quest. You then need to escort her to her grandmother’s house in the town. There’s no big trick to this one. You just have to walk along the road and kill the barghests that spawn. She can die, so don’t leave her alone for long. If she’s badly wounded, then duck into a house. She should regenerate all of her health.

You can also try to go back to the campfire by the inn and just rest until dawn. It’s an easy walk then. This seems to still work, even after the latest patches. It’s basically cheating though.

Once you manage to take her home, she’ll be safe. You then unlock your reward. She’ll wait outside the mill around the next sunset. If you bring over a bottle of wine, you can gain a sex card for the area and also get a fairly funny cutscene from the local guards in the fishing village.

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