Witcher 2 Walkthrough - A Prelude to War: Kaedwen

Witcher 2 Walkthrough - A Prelude to War: Kaedwen
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A King’s Duties

This seems to be the start you’ll have for Chapter 2 if you decide to support Roche. The quest will begin with King Henselt walking toward the negotiations, with you in control of him. Just listen to Dethmold and Sile as you approach the royal negotiation camp. They’ll give you the first pieces of backstory for the region. Follow the path through the bone filled tunnel, then go to the left and around over to the tent.

Once you reach the tent, you’ll get to decide what you’ll offer the barons and how you’ll deal with Saskia’s rebellion. She’ll offer an honorable duel against you, which you can either accept or decline. Declining it will mean that you’ll have to fight her in a confusing brawl in the camp. The duel is a little easier, since it’s just one-on-one. Either way, just keep your parry up and counter attack her, or try a riposte. You don’t have the magic options, but she’s not particularly strong. She doesn’t have a ton of health, and Henselt is quite resilient.

Once she’s badly hurt, the cutscene will play out and Henselt will make a pretty big error. After the cutscenes play out, you’ll wind up back in control of Geralt and in the middle of a battle with a bunch of angry wraiths.

The Wraiths

The Kaedweni Knight Wraiths

I suggest that you go ahead and put specter oil on your blade, if you still have some. It will make the fight much easier. Also note that you probably gained a few levels in between the chapters, so jump into the screen and level up. I would suggest making sure you have level two Quen and at least level one Riposte. That’ll make things much easier.

There are a lot of wraiths, but there are also a lot of fighters. Dethmold is gathering energy for a very big shield, so we’re just waiting for the time being. Sile, Henselt and Roche will all fight too though, and they’re actually fairly useful. Sile’s fireballs are of questionable worth, but Henselt and Roche will be able to distract wraiths and take a few out on their own.

Cast a Quen at the start, and add specter oil to your silver sword, then pick a target. You can actually just bash a single target repeatedly and keep them stun locked. Your sword is fast enough to aggressively kill any single target. Unfortunately, they’re rarely alone. If you find yourself targeted by a few of them, keep a parry up and focus on counterattacks. If worse comes to worse, you can also run and hope that they break off and attack someone else. Rolling frequently should keep you alive, and let you pick away the wraiths.

The Draugirs

Killing the Draugirs

After a few waves of wraiths, two draugirs will spawn in. These massive monsters are a real threat, but they’re slow enough that it shouldn’t be too hard to outmaneuver them. Keep Quen up, and they won’t be able to do any lasting damage. One of them should go off to fight Roche and Henselt. You can handle the other.

Note that you can actually use riposte on some of its basic attacks. It’s worth keeping your parry up and giving it a shot. If you still have specter oil, then your attacks should also do fairly good damage. Other than that, just keep moving and poking it with strong attacks from the sides while the rest of the group pounds on the other. Once you or the others kill one, it’s fairly easy to gang up on the survivor.

A Long Walk

The Wraiths in the Shield

Dethmold will cast his spell after the second draugir falls. This will fry any wraiths that try to enter, so you’re actually safe for now. Just move along with the group down the path. As you approach the bottom, several wraiths will spawn inside the circle and use their magic to corrupt the shield. Watch for the blueish beam and follow it to find the connected wraith.

When you reach the caster wraith, just do a few fast attacks to take a good bit of their health off. Chase them down again until they’re all dead and the shield comes back up. You may need to take a break in the middle to finish off any undead soldiers that make it past the corrupted shield. Just give them a quick slash to finish them off, and move on to the main wraiths. Your focus should be on restoring the shield, as the other wraiths will just keep coming.

This corruption will happen two more times, before you finally make it through the mist and out to the main battle camp. At that point, you’ll get a little bit of exposition.

You should probably just follow Zyvik around for now. You can convince to just take you to the royal camp now, with the use of an Axii sign. A tour doesn’t hurt though. Make a note of the various points of interest around the camp, and consider grabbing the contracts off of the job board by the canteen, until you’re allowed into the king’s section.

Move into the royal tent, and stop to talk to the ambassador, if you wish (and if he’s there). Once you’re done, go inside and talk to Henselt. Say whatever you wish to say, and ultimately agree to help him with the new curse.

That will officially wrap up the first mission of chapter 2.

As you leave, Dethmold will want to speak to you though. Go inside to start up “Conspiracy Theory” and find out more about the blood curse, which will serve as the other main quest.


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Due to the branching nature of the game, your experience may differ. If you notice any differences, please feel free to comment on them below.

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