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    • Guiding Geralt - The Guide to the Witcher Series
      A comprehensive guide to “The Witcher" and “The Witcher 2" games for the PC. The Witcher series is quite popular with many RPG players, primarily for the rich world that it creates. That said, the games can be a tad difficult, so you may want to look up our guides to get through the rough parts.
    • How Well Do You Know Geralt? Take This The Witcher 2 Quiz and Find Out!
      Do you think you know The Witcher 2 game better than others? Test your knowledge on this PC game and see just how well you know Geralt and the game in general.
    • Witcher 2 - Little Sisters
      Poor Mavrick had a bit of a scare and he's now received an unfortunate nickname. Geralt can certainly help with his haunting issues though, so I suggest that you do a bit of investigations into the healer Malgat's dark acts and what really happened to the little sisters.
    • Witcher 2 - The Rotfiend Contract
      If you're in King Henselt's camp, then you can pick up some very easy work killing rotfiends that have made their way up to the camp walls and supply routes. If you need help tracking down the bodies and clearing away the sources of rotfiends, look here.
    • Witcher 2 - Gathering the Symbols (Roche)
      You need four symbols if you want to break the curse over the battlefield, which means a very long and high risk scavenger hunt and a very dangerous trip into Vergen. If you need help with this series of quests, you can look here for the directions
    • Witcher 2 - The Blood Curse
      We need to help break the curse over King Henselt, which means tracking down the story of Sabrina's execution and gathering the materials to recreate the event in one big climatic battle with a horde of wraiths.
    • Witcher 2 - Chapter 1 Guide
      Flotsam is an interesting town with a number of diversions for Geralt. He has the option to gamble in dice poker, win some fist fights and become a champion arm wrestler, and there's even a wrecked ship with a lost journal that can be found for a very long-run quest.
    • Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings - Chapter 1
      It's time to start working on the case for Foltest's killer. Letho's hiding in the forest with Iorveth, which means that we need a few allies before we can tackle him.
    • Witcher 2 - Prelude to War: Kaedwen
      It seems that Geralt has just wandered into the middle of a war. Our search for the Kingslayers will take us into Henselt's battle, and those who sided with Roche before will find themselves on the King's side of the rebellion. Protecting Henselt isn't easy though, so look here for some tips.
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