Collect all of The Witcher Sex Cards

Collect all of The Witcher Sex Cards
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Sex and Nudity in The Witcher

There is more of The Witcher 2 sex content than in the original game. However, the first game is still widely played and enjoyed by many gamers. It was one of the first games that really started the whole controversy of having nudity and sex in video games.

The only real nudity in the game was from The Witcher sex cards that the main character would collect after his sexual encounters with women he came across in the game. It really shouldn’t have caused such a big debate on it and censoring the cards for the North American version. It wasn’t a game directed for kids to play and was rated M for mature.

If you like sex and nudity in video games and also enjoyed “The Witcher” you should also check out and play “The Witcher 2” which has even more of this type of content in it. There are also mods for games that don’t contain nudity in it originally, such as with The Sims 3 adult mods that gamers can download and use. Whatever games you enjoy playing, if you search for it, it is likely that there are some custom mods that enable you to see sex and nudity in it too.

Sex Cards in The Witcher

The Witcher sex cards are also sometimes called romance cards because they are collected after the main character Geralt has a romantic encounter with a woman in the game. They are like trophies that he collects. They show up after a cut-scene which implies that Geralt had sex with the woman in the card. These cards are the reason that the original version for the North American games of “The Witcher” had modified cards to cover up the women in the cards so they weren’t nude. The “Director’s Cut” version now allows for the North American versions of the game to see the women in the cards nude.

Interacting with the women and getting on their good side or doing quests for them usually is enough to get their card. The cards shown in this article are all the censored versions. To see the uncensored versions of these cards, go to The Witcher wikia.

Card Collected in the Prologue

The only card that is able to be collected during the “Prologue” is Triss Merrigold. You’ll see more of her later and even in “The Witcher 2.” She is a main character, so keep her satisfied! Her card is the same censored and uncensored.

Cards Collected in Chapter 1

The Witcher romance cards chapter 1

There are three cards that can be collected during the first chapter.

  • Abigail is found in a house the outside parts of Vizima. Be social with her and complete quests to get this card.
  • Vesna is a waitress that can be found at the Inn at the outskirts of Vizima. Save her outside of the Inn after it is dark and escort her home to have a chance to get her card.
  • The Woman of the Outskirts’ card is collected by the peasant lady that is in a yellow and green dress. All Geralt has to do is give her tulips.

Cards Collected in Chapter 2

There are five cards that can be collected during the second chapter.

  • The Witcher sex cards chapter 2

    Shani is another main character that Geralt can have a romantic encounter with. Give a gift to her grandma and he can get past her to be alone with Shani. The Witcher sex cards for this character is acquired from the “Old Friend of Mine” quest which is at Shani’s house. He has another chance later to get her card too but he has to choose her or Triss.

  • Morenn is a Dryad that is found at Druid’s grove in the swamp. Her card can be collected in this chapter or later in chapter three.

  • The Gossip is found walking in the Temple Quarter. To obtain this card, you’ll need to give her a diamond or red women’s gloves.

  • The half-elf card is obtained after the quest “A Ghost Story” and he saves the half-elf. Just talk to her in the house that is opposite of Vivaldi’s bank. This can also be collected in chapter three.

  • The prostitutes’ card is received after having sex with a prostitute. They can be found in the Temple Quarter or in the Trade Quarter. All of them give the same card so there isn’t any need to get romantic with them all, unless of course you want to.

Cards Collected in Chapter 3

There are many cards that can be collected during the third chapter of “The Witcher.”

  • The Witcher sex cards chapter 3

    Geralt can receive a second card from Triss or from Shani but not both. He’ll have to choose which way to go in this chapter.

  • Princess Adda’s card can be collected in this chapter. She is a dangerous character but she wants to willingly give Geralt the card at Leuvaarden’s reception, so go ahead and give it to her.

  • Geralt can receive the Blue Eyes card from the Blue-eyed lass that is found at the House of the Queen of the Night which is located in Vizima. The Courtesans card looks the same as the Blue Eyes card and it is obtained by sleeping with one of the Courtesans in the Trade Quarter.

  • The Queen of the Night is another card Geralt can receive from sleeping with the vampire that owns the brothel.

  • The Noblewoman card is obtainable by sleeping with one of the noblewomen that can be found at John Natalis Square wearing a red and white outfit who wants a kikimore claw. The other woman can be found near the Town Hall wearing white and wants a silk scarf (or gold shawl).

  • Rozalind Pankiera is a townsfolk that Geralt can sleep with after speaking with Dandelion and completing the “Dandelion’s Lute” quest.

  • The Town Clerk card is collected after visiting the highest floor of City Hall with a diamond in your inventory. Find the clerk that is a “naughty girl” and obtain the card!

Cards Collected in Chapter 4

There are four cards that can be collected during the fourth chapter.

The Witcher sex cards chapter 4

  • Celina wants Geralt so she can make her sister that is getting married jealous. Give her a any ring and you’ll collect this card.
  • The Lady of the Lake card is collected after Geralt tells her that he wants to go on “a miss-“ and then saying he was just kidding around. She is lonely and after he compliments her butt, she has sex with him.
  • The Elf woman is found in the Elven cave once the “Daily Bread” quest is completed. Give the woman some food such as wyvern meat and she’ll very willingly give the card.
  • There is another card given from a woman found at the Country Inn or just wandering around the village.

Cards Collected in Chapter 5

The Witcher romance cards chapter 5

There are three cards that can be collected during the fifth chapter.

  • Toruviel is an elf that Geralt can have a romantic encounter with her if he chooses to go on the “Scoia’tael” path.
  • Rayla’s card can be collected if Geralt decides to go on the “Order” path.
  • The two nurses is another one of The Witcher sex cards that can be collected in the game if Geralt decided to go on the “Witcher/Neutral path.”


All screenshots and references from The Witcher.