Tekken 6: The Pre-Release Article

Tekken 6: The Pre-Release Article
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Basic Info

Tekken 6 is the latest in the ongoing series of Namco under the action/arcade genre. It was actually initially released as an arcade game on November 7, 2007. Since then fans have been awaiting the console release of Tekken 6 for the PSP, PS3, and Xbox slated to come out during the Fall of 2009.

Initial buzz about Tekken 6 talk about new characters, more interesting plot lines in story mode as well as the usual tried and tested characters that we’ve come to associate with the Tekken 6. With that in mind, what features should players be on the lookout for with the upcoming release of this game? Let’s find out. Seemingly called Bloodline Rebellion, Tekken 6 has received rave reviews and a very warm reception with players lining up for blocks to try their hand at the arcade game way before its release into the consoles market and making player anticipate for the much-awaited release. But is it this game worth waiting for? Trust us, from the hype alone - it totally is!


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Bowing from its predecessors, Tekken 6 wil, as announced retain certain features from Dark Resurrection (the 5th installment in the series). With bigger and better stages, that will boast of stunning graphics and a new concept of interactivity it seems that Tekken 6 is well on its way to becoming a runaway hit.

Let’s not forget the character customization feature that was included in other games, this time - there’s promise of actual involvement in gamepplay. Sounds interesting, this writer is much anticipating getting her hands on this gem of a fighting game. Aside from these, is the promise of the online gaming released for the PS3 and Xbox console, via their networks. That means, battling and challenging the best of the best players around the world, settling a rank for yourself and trying to overtake the best and with the use of the new “rage” mode that promises to boost players' powers just as they’re about to go down - Tekken 6 is just making our mouths water with aniticipation!

Also be on the lookout for the ability to actually swing a weapon around that you can find in the arena and hidden areas that can only be accessed when you break the first ring in a heavy battle during the Tournament. Sounds interesting? Most definitely so!

New Characters

This time, be on the lookout for 6 new playable characters in Tekken 6! Are you ready to welcome the new additions to the game or are you sticking with the tried and tested characters like Jin, Hwoarang and Xiaoyu? Don’t knock em til you’ve tried em. You’ll never know which new character will top your favorite Tekken player list! Curious about who they are? If you’ve played the arcade game, then you’ll already be familiar with them - regardless let’s introduce the neophytes to Tekken 6!

Bob - He’s pudgy, he looks like he’s a big lump of Michelin blob and doesn’t look to be too vital in a fight but don’t underestimate him. Bob is a martial arts legend from the US who end underground for more training. Don’t be fooled though, despite the larger than large physique, Bob is quite agile and fast on his feet.

Leo - Leo enters the world of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament on a quest to get near to Kazuya Mishima, in an effort to question him about the murder of his mother. Brooding, quiet and seemingly hiding of so many secrets, Leo is a new addition to the Tekken family. Watch out for his elbow strikes and fist attacks. He may look like you can undersestimate him, but as with all players in Tekken. Don’t. Seriously? Don’t

Miguel - Miguel is on a mission of revenge and redemption, as he tries to find out why the Mishima Zaibatsu would want to kill his beloved sister on her wedding and joining the King of the Iron Fist Tournament seems like the only way to do so. A brawler from Spain who lacks the formal martial arts training, Miguel compensates lack of training with tenacity and a whole lot of panache.

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More Characters

Zafina - an assassin from te Middle East, Zafina is a guardian of a tomb that holds many magical secrets for warriors. She leaves the tomb she’s guarding because of a prophecy about the world. As a guardian, expect her to be strong and versatile so don’t be distracted by her looks, behind this angelic face lies the heart of a killer! .

Alisa - a robot created in the likeness of the daughter of a bereaved father and scientist. Alisa uses modern technology to take down her opponents. Be on the lookout for her improvised missles, regenerating body and chainsaws coming from various parts of her body! She looks cute, yes - even adorable. But don’t think she won’t hesitate to take you down when you’re unguarded!

Lars - uh-oh seems another Mishima has arrived! Lars is Heihachi’s illegitimate son and seems to be hellbent on taking the Mishima Zaibatsu down! Is he going to succeed or will this be another half -hearted attempt to overthrow the Mishima’s? Be careful, since he has Heihachi’s genes, rest assured he will pack powerful punches kicks and combos. The brooding dark hero return to the scene of the crime!