New Characters Slated for Tekken 6

New Characters Slated for Tekken 6
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Bloodline Rebellion

The Roster

What with the hype about the release of Tekken 6 (slated November - December 2008) a lot of hubbub has been raised with the release of the new characters in game as well. What with the large roster of returning characters such as Jin, Hwoarang, Nina, Law and Paul - gamers are wondering what the new guns will bring to the table, especially with the new features available for Tekken 6.

According to the official site of Tekken, as well as the previews we get from Tekken 6 Arcade version - we know that there are at least 4 new characters available.

But word on the street is, aside from the four playable characters there are also two bosses waiting during the Bloodline Rebellion. Read on and find out who the characters and the bosses are.

The Bosses

NANCY-MI847J is said to be a hidden sub-boss characters playing the arcade/story mode are slated to fight with. Its character story states that she is the upgraded version of the Jack series from the Mishima Zaibatsu. If her fighting skills are as good as Jack’s then we can be sure that she can pack a wollop but then of course, that’s nothing a little 10 hit combo from Asuka can’t fix. Still, she might present a challenge so be sure to practice on your combos.

The final boss of the game, Azazel whose story line runs across Julia Chang and newbie Zafina as well as the final confrontation between father and son Jin and Kazuya. Word on the street is Azazel is light on his feet and will hit you with the combos if your guard is down. So take care not to be backed into a corner or get hit by one of those special moves.

The bosses making you drool? Wait till you hear about the newcomers on the scene. Next up, the new players.

The Neophytes

Players and Combos

Aside from fan faves such as Paul, Hwoarang, Xiaoyu and the lot, new characters are inching their way into the Iron Fist Tournament. This time around, four new players enter the arena and stand to try and prove their mettle within the bloody battlefield of Tekken 6. Check out the official website for their move lists and try to practice your skills among the arcades scattered in your neighborhood before Namco releases this in Xbox360 and PS3.

a. Zafina - looking for more like an exotic dancer than a fighter, she moves like a spider and will knock you off your feet with her combo kicks and ground attacks.

b. Leo - Leo heads to the tournament to avenge the death of his mother erstwhile investigating the Mishima Zaibatsu. Novice and experienced players will have a blast controlling him as he is as easy to handle as Hwoarang with some button mashing and as complicated to use (if you learn to stick to the combos).

c. Miguel - Miguel like many characters entering the tournament has revenge on his mind as he plays round through round. Punches like a madman and exhibits the same passion bred from the Spanish caballeros. Not a player who’s likely to bloom in the hands of the experienced, be sure to take a few minutes in the training hall before using him to play against others.

d. Bob - Bob is said to be this great fighter in the U.S who went underground to train himself after realizing that he couldn’t take down opponents bigger (really?) than he is. Think of combining Kuma/Panda with Paul except maybe with less finesse as you would want. But don’t overlook him, he’s tougher than his Michelin exterior seems to exude.

Truly, Namco has once again outdone itself. With a roster of reliable characters as well as the advent of the new one, Tekken 6 is sure to be a sure fire hit, cementing itself as one of the best if not the best action fighting game for any console.