The Five Worst Weapons in TF 2

The Five Worst Weapons in TF 2
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These five items in Team Fortress 2 are not completely useless, only more inferior compared to the others. When you pick the Razorback, you can no longer use two reliable weapons, the Jarate and Sub-Machine Gun. Replacing the Shotgun with a Flare Gun or Sandvich means the Heavy and Pyro can have a harder time fighting in close quarters. There are basically better items than these five, that is why they are the worst ones in TF 2.

1. Sandvich

The irony behind the Sandvich is that you think it’s suppose to save you from dying, when it can easily get you killed as well. Why? Because of the significant consequence for just eating a sandwich. The cost can be greater than the gain when using the Sandvich.

While you’re busy munching on one, you’re immobile and unable to attack until you finish it. The worst part is the Heavy making loud noises while eating, easily giving away his position if anyone hears him. If you haven’t used a Sandvich, go give it a try, and when you think you’re safe while eating, an enemy suddenly pops up from somewhere and you’re helpless to defend yourself.

The best way to survive while eating a Sandvich is to go some place you’re absolutely sure no enemy is around, and there are not many spots like that in this game. There is little point to the Sandvich when a Heavy usually tags along with a Medic who can bring him back to full health in seconds.

2. Blutsauger


The Medic’s Blutsauger will give three extra health for every ammo that hits an enemy, but he can already regenerate one health per second by just standing around. If a Medic must regain health, just stay in an area with no enemies nearby and regenerate. It’s safer than attacking enemies head on with the Blutsauger, a situation that puts the Medic at a greater risk of getting hurt.

The team will count on you to heal so you won’t be using your weapons most of the time. The Syringe Gun is a better weapon when you need to attack, since it can deliver critical shots unlike the Blutsauger.

3. Flare Gun

Flare Gun

Since the Pyro is an ambusher and a close combat specialist, the Flare Gun’s long range attack doesn’t fit in well with this class.

The Flare Gun is no Sniper Rifle or Ambassador, since its fireball only burns the player for a few seconds, making it easy to survive from it.

The Flare Gun also has accuracy problems and its slow shot is easy to avoid. The weapon is not very useful for close range combat either.

The weapon feels more like a toy to play with. It’s fun to stay far away shooting fireballs at enemies and watching them get burned. There’s really no significant upside to the Flare Gun over the Shotgun, a far better weapon to help out the Pyro during close combat.

4. Razorback


The Razorback, a tribal shield the Sniper wears on his back, has several problems that puts it at a disadvantage. When there are several spies in the game, the Razorback becomes less important since it can only be used once, making the Sniper vulnerable from behind again.

The Razorback has no benefit against any other class except for the Spy. Yes, Spies like to hunt down Snipers, but it’s inevitable other classes will come after them too. When Snipers face anyone else besides Spies, they could use the Jarate and the Sub-Machine Gun for help since both weapons can work against any class in the game.

Also keep in mind that a Spy with the Ambassador can just finish you off with two bullets to your head. This scenario occurs when a Spy can see you wearing the shield; if the Razorback had been invisible, then Spies would have a harder time dealing with Snipers.

5. Pill Bottle

Pill Bottle

These are the worst medical kits to pick up since they only heal twenty percent of your total health value. If you are low on health, the pill just isn’t enough when you will need close to full strength to survive from Soldiers, Snipers, Demomen, Heavies, and Sentry Guns.

One pill bottle is usually not enough to help you get back to fighting, so it can be frustrating to have to wait for it to respawn or to go search for additional medical kits.