Street Fighter IV Character Guide: Rose and Dan

Street Fighter IV Character Guide: Rose and Dan
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Additional Player Characters from the Sequels

In this third part of the Street Fighter IV character guide we take a closer look at the player characters that have been included from the rest of the series. These are characters that never appeared in Street Fighter II but popped up in later sequels with the exception of Gen who appeared in the original Street Fighter. They have been included as unlockable player characters in Street Fighter IV and while there is no denying they aren’t as appealing as the original line up they do provide a nice alternative. Some of these characters are definitely weak in comparison but a few characters like Cammy and Gen stand out as really dangerous foes if you can master them.


She is linked to the evil M. Bison and imbued with Soul power which is the opposite of his Psycho power. She first appeared back in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and after having a vision of Bison taking over the world she entered the tournament to stop him.

She has a really slow projectile attack but she can also use Soul Reflect to return fireballs to her opponent or absorb the energy to boost her Super meter. With her Ultra combo she can grab characters out of the air. She is a bit slow but against projectile loving enemies she can prove very useful.


There is no escaping the fact that Dan is a comedy character. His father was killed by M. Bison and he trained under Gouken to try and build up the necessary skills to take revenge. He has a hybrid fighting style of his own called Saikyo and he wears pink which says it all really.

Dan has some similarities to Ryu and Ken but his fireball attack is weaker. He can also pull off a good uppercut at close range and he combines that with some nifty Muay Thai style knees and kicks. His Super and Ultra combos are easy to pull off and he can do a series of taunts which are sure to provoke some laughter but equally likely to get you killed. He is a short range character and fairly weak compared to the others.

Fei Long

The obvious tribute to Bruce Lee, Fei Long is super fast, extremely agile and he screams a lot. He is supposed to be a retired action movie star from Hong Kong now intent on real life combat.

He lacks a projectile attack but he can charge across the ring very quickly, he has a really damaging double kick and an effective sliding attack. His triple kick somersault Rekkukyaku is a handy manoeuvre and his Tenshin throw is unblockable. He also has a good flying kick and because of his speed Fei Long can provide a real challenge.



This feisty British girl was a brainwashed assassin working for Bison until she broke free of his evil clutches. Now she works with an elite British military squad.

She has lots of handy moves including the Canon Spike which is perfect for taking out advancing opponents. Her Razor’s Edge Slicer is a good low sweep and her Hooligan moves allow her to curl into a ball and fly across the screen. She is fast with a range of attacks and although she doesn’t deal out huge amounts of damage she is tough to beat, especially with an aerial character.


A 16 year old Japanese schoolgirl with a cute look and you would imagine not much fighting skill but you’d be wrong. She is obsessed with Ryu and follows him around but he refuses to train her.

Sakura is essentially a watered down version of Ryu with a weaker Hadouken. She can actually put together some nice combinations and her even her Super and Ultra Combos are easy to pull off making her a great choice for beginners. She is also quite fast and deceptively strong.


Gen is a wizened old assassin who was friends with Chun-Li’s father. This kung fu expert travelled the world in search of a worthy death after finding out he had leukaemia and was eventually killed off by Akuma.

He has two distinct stances and two styles, the Crane and the Mantis. Gen is an interesting character and he feels quite different from everyone else. He can perform wall jumps, rapid punches, mid air kicks and rolling attacks. He has a good range of Super and Ultra Combos and he is worthwhile mastering.

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