Unlock Costumes - Street Fighter IV PC

Unlock Costumes - Street Fighter IV PC
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How to Unlock Costumes - Street Fighter IV PC

There are two ways for players to add additional costumes into their Street Fighter IV game. The first is to purchase official DLC from the Windows Marketplace, and the second is to download unofficial addons made by fans.

By paying for and downloading official Capcom DLC for the game, players can add 25 costumes for use in Capcom’s Street Fighter IV. These are unlocked by purchasing an expansion pack from the Microsoft Marketplace for 1000 Microsoft Points. This pack contains all 25 costumes, but the alternate costumes can also be purchased in five different packs, each with a different theme, coming in at 320 Microsoft Points each. To access the extra content, a player must access the Microsoft Marketplace from within the game, rather than via the store’s website. Each of the content packs is themed, with similar characters or costumes grouped together, and were originally released at a rate of one per week.

By downloading unofficial mods for the game, players can add a greater variety of costumes and addons to the game, but these sometimes come at the expense of graphical quality, due to these addons being made by hobbyist graphics arts as opposed to the professionals at Capcom’s studios.

Buying DLC to Unlock Costumes - Street Fighter IV PC

The first way for users to add new costumes into their Street Fighter IV game is to buy Capcom’s DLC packs. The content in these packs ranges from simple alternate costumes for a fighter to changing the fighter into a completely different person, usually as a shout out to other Capcom franchises, but some are simply ridiculous. These five packs contain the following alternate costumes:

  • Brawler Pack - Zangief, E. Honda, Rufus, El Fuerte, and Abel.
  • Femme Fatale Pack - Chun-Li, Cammy, Sakura,Rose, and Crimson Viper.
  • Shoryuken Pack - Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, and Dan.
  • Shadaloo Pack - Seth, M. Bison, Sagat, Balrog, and Vega.
  • Classic Pack - Guile, Dhalsim, Fei-Long,Blanka, and Gen.

Players find the best value by downloading the five packs in a single transaction, but for players only after a couple of alternate costumes, a purchase of one pack might be a little more economical.

Downloading Mods to Unlock Costumes - Street Fighter IV PC

unlock costumes street fighter iv pc

Downloading new costumes for Street Fighter IV gives a player the opportunity to draw content from a far broader range of places, and insert content into their game that might not necessarily fall within Capcom’s franchises. For example, modifications can be found which turn Blanka into the Pokemon mascot Pikachu, and Ryu can be transformed into none other than Dragon Ball Z’s main character, Goku (pictured).

Overall, while the offerings of free downloads might not be as polished as Capcom’s, there is still much fun to be had with fan-made downloads, and they are most definitely worth a look.

Fan-made costumes can be found at the Street Fighter IV Modding Wiki.