Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness English FAQ: Mission 1

Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness English FAQ: Mission 1
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Table of Content

Table of Content

Part I: Introduction

Translation of the introduction and explanation of the various options available.

Part II: Main Menu

This section covers the various options available on menu you’ll access in between battles.

Part III: Movement

Covers everything to know about the mechanics involved in the movement of your Wanzers.

Part IV: Mission 1 & the Hangar

Information and help about the first mission of the game. It also talks about the Hangar and its various functions. This is where you’ll buy and sell parts as well as customize your Wanzer.

Part V : Battle Mechanics

In depth review of Battle Mechanics.

Heading into the Fray: Character Selection

Before you head into battle, you will be prompted to this screen:

Once you’ve selected the option to head out of the base, you’ll be prompted to a character select screen. Since both Storm and Rain must always be on the battlefield, you don’t really have a choice at this point in time (although you will have more freedom later on).

Simply press right twice to access the “Go” button and head to the battlefield.

Mission 1

Before you have control over your Wanzers, a quick dialogue will take place:



I will also participate in the training exercises.


I will cover you, Storm.





About these… even if it’s a base for mercenaries you have an unusually large number of WAP with a complete set of parts, don’t you?

(WAP stands for Wanderpanzer__)




Since border security is an important mission, the supply of the parts itself is performed promptly.


However, the mercenaries are not paid…



I see.



“We’ll sell you the parts, so stay on your guard of the borders”, that’s what they mean, huh?



Let’s now begin the live simulation.


Now can you show me what you can do?


Please be careful when attacking others.



Roger that.





Everyone has already taken up their positions.


Now can you show me what you can do?


Here are 4 virtual enemy machines.


Good luck to you.


Rain :


Please wait commander!


I don’t think it’s reasonable to pitch him against 4 opponents!


This time, it’s still a real battle.


If there were to be a direct hit…



I disagree, you are unaware of his ability.


If our intel is correct, even four units won’t be enough.






It’s ok the use the items I have equipped right?



If that’s no problem, then let’s do this.

Battle Conditions

In every mission, you will have certain conditions to fulfill. Most missions will involve destroying all the opponents while making sure Storm survives. Most of the time your partners can be destroyed (they’ll be back on the following missions, don’t worry).

In the case of the first mission:

Winning Conditions: Destroy all opponents.

Losing Condition: Storm’s Wanzer is destroyed.

Once the winning conditions have been displayed to you, there’ll be a bit more dialogue…

A Bit More Dialogue…





First of all, before the virtual enemies appear, move your cursor to the green pointer. The blue squares represent your moving range.




Ahh… I understand. The check point.


Let’s go.

The Hangar (Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness English FAQ)

If you’d like more information about combat, make sure to check the article about battle mechanics (see the table of content on the first page).

After you’ve been the first mission and once your return to the main menu, you’ll notice that a new location has been unlocked, the Hangar (格納庫).

This is a location you’ll visit more than once as this is where you’ll purchase new parts and weapons for your Wanzers.

Let’s have a look at what is available at the moment and how the Hangar works.


Once you get there, you’ll have the choice of three different options.

A. Setup ( セットアップ**)**

Setup This is where you’ll go to purchase new parts and set up your Wanzer so that you are ready for battle.

As of right now, select this option as this where you’ll spend most of your time during the game.

After you’ve done your selection, you’ll be prompted to another screen:


You will first need to select which Wanzer you would like to customize. In this case, as you only have two pilots, you will need to select ストーム(Storm) or レイン(Rain).

Let’s select Storm for now…

B: Gear Sale (装備していないパーツの売却)

This is where you’ll sell the parts you have in your inventory (not on currently equipped on your Wanzer).

C: Part Collection (パーツコレクション)

This is an overview of all the parts you currently have in your possession. You can’t do much here besides browsing your gear and reading about some characteristics.

We’ll explore the options available in Setup first.

Setup (Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness English FAQ)

By using your stylus, you will select which part of your Wanzer you would like to tinker with. Fortunately, you have the English translation underneath each part so it should be easy enough to navigate.

On your other screen, your Wanzer statistics will be displayed:


A: Statistics:

As we’ve already mentioned in a previous article, each weapon belongs to one of the following categories: fight, short or long. The number displayed to the right represents your efficiency with that particular weapon type, the higher the number, the deadlier you will be when using weapons of that category.

Agility is a bit different in the sense that is doesn’t represent any offensive value. Agility represents your defensive strength.

Move determines how far your Wanzer can wander about the battlefield on his turn. For more information about movement, check out the appropriate section in the table of content.

W/P: This represents the weight of your Wanzer. The body of your Wanzer has a certain characteristic called the engine (we’ll this in greater detail later on). The engine determines how much weight your Wanzer can carry. In other words, a higher engine rating means you will be able to carry heavier parts. If your engine is too weak, you might not be able to equip your Wanzer with heavier (and sometimes more efficient) parts.

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that Storm’s Wanzer is 67% within its weight limit.

B: Total amount of money:

You might notice a dramatic difference between the money you have right now and mine. This is because this is my second time playing the game.

C: Other Statistics

Once again displays some statistics available on your other screen (it happens a lot in this game).

HP: The only difference is that HP represents the physical resistance of your Wanzer. A higher HP will mean your Wanzer can take more damage before it is destroyed.

Setup: Continued (Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness English FAQ)

Ok, let’s continue exploring the Hanger. Select R. Shoulder and you will be taken to yet another menu.

The equipment available will show up on the tactile window:


I: this is the gear available. パーツを外す: means “remove part” in case you’d rather not equip anything on this part of your Wanzer (for weight considerations).

II: this is the information about the selected item.

Look on the screen and you’ll your statistics change depending on the item you’ve selected:


The numbers there represent what statistical changes would occur if you equipped the selected item. By pressing “Confirm” you will equip that part or weapon to your Wanzer.

The Shop (Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness English FAQ)

Since it is still early in the game, you can’t really do much in the shop right now but this will change later on in the game.

Using your stylus, tap the “Shop” icon.


This will take you to yet another screen:


A: Stock This will bring you back to the previous screen.

B: Sell

As the title suggests, this is for selling some parts for money. In case you have a hard time finding how much cash you’ll get for selling a certain part (I did at first), look here:


C. Buy:

There’s nothing available to buy right now so we’ll leave this option alone for now. Normally, this is where you would go to check if new parts are available and buy them.

The Hangar: Other Options (Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness English FAQ)

Change Color:

A neat option in Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness is the ability to change the color of your Wanzer.

In order to do so, simply click there:


This will allow you to choose your color among an extended list:



There is one last thing to check before we go any further, the attributes.

This section is to select the attribute of your Wanzer.

There are three different attributes to choose from:


A: Heat Resistance (耐炎熱属性**)**



Your Wanzer will receive less damage from fire based attacks.

B: Impact Resistance (耐衝撃属性)



Your Wanzer will receive less damage from weapons like shotguns.

C: Bullet Resistance(****耐通属性****)

Your Wanzer will receive less damage from weapons like machineguns and rifles.