Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness English FAQ

Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness English FAQ
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Part I: Options

Everything you need to know about setting up options at the title screen of the game.

Part II: Set Up Menu

Information about the various options available before you enter battle.

Part III: Movement

Cover the basics of the mechanics involved in moving your Wanzers around.

What about the Dialogues?

Considering the huge amount of dialogue in this game, it would be tedious to provide a work for word translation in this guide.

My objective is to first cover the base mechanics of the game and then start giving the summary of the conversation taking place between the characters in between each battle.

Speaking of which, if you can think of a more accurate translation for certain terms, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to modify my article.

Understanding the Menu

As of right now, let’s skip the dialogue at the very beginning of the game and head straight to the in-game menu.

You will access this menu in between each actual in game battles, so you’ll quickly get used to it.

In this menu, several options are available to you. I will walk you through some of them right now.

A: 司令部:Headquarters

You can’t really avoid visiting this area as this is where you will get your briefing for your next mission. You can only access to your next mission by first visiting the headquarters to sit through your briefing.

Go ahead and go to the Headquarters to receive your first briefing.

ファルコン (Falcon) will brief you for your mission which is more of training tutorial than an actual mission.

This is probably when you’ll experience a little flaw of Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness: the long, long dialogues. As opposed to other Front Missions, there is no way to actually skip them which you’d better be prepared to sit through long button mashing sequence.

You can, however, accelerate the speed the text is displayed by holding down the B button. This will come in handy and make the dialogues more bearable.

Once the dialogue is over, a new option will appear in the main menu.

B: 傭兵詰所:Soldier’s Office

This is where you can go to have conversations with various Front Mission 2089 characters. Although it can be avoided most of the time, you will sometimes have to chat with some specific characters to trigger certain events which will move the story forward.


Simply select which character you’d like to talk to and press the “A Button” to have a conversation with that character.

C: 作戦の記録:Military Record

This is where you will go to save your progress.


i: Save (choose this option to save your progress)

ii: Load (choose this option so load a saved game)

D: どこにいきますか?

This just indicates where you’ll be going by selecting the highlighted option in the menu window.

E: 基地を出て: Leave the military base

Select this option once you’re ready to head to battle. Try to develop the habit of saving your game at the military records before heading out.

As of right now, there’s nothing else to do, so select はい (it means “yes”) and leave the base for your first training session.

What’s Next?

In the next section, we’ll explore the various options available in the combat menu.

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